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The reasons I love this website builder

If you are thinking of building a website, I do suggest you try using BlueVoda, which I say is the website builder extraordinaire. Yes, there may be various other website builder you could consider to design website, but take my advice, nothing can really match the website creation from BlueVoda. Here’s why.

First of all, BlueVoda is so easy to use to design website. All you have to do is drag and drop the different page elements for your website creation. There are also thousands of pre-prepared and attractive website templates you can choose from to design website.

Even the formatting of page elements is so easy with this website builder; you just have to use drop down selectors to choose your preferred text size, colors and typeface. Switching between different styles to create headings and a customized format for your website creation is also so easy with this website builder.

Besides all this, I found the various features offered in the website builder BlueVoda really great for creating a customized website creation. There are various embedded media types like Flash, RealPlayer and YouTube videos you can use to design website. And if you have an online store, the website builder dedicated toolbar is great for easily adding eCommerce functions like shopping carts and quick-pay buttons to your website creation.

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I have to remind you that all these features are available for free with BlueVoda. Yes, BlueVoda is a free website builder. The only hitch in using BlueVoda to design website is the fact that you have to host your website creation only through their sister concern, VodaHost.

This is not actually a bad idea, as you just have to pay eight dollars per month for its usage. Moreover, there is no need of searching for a host to host your website creation; it’s ready and waiting for you as soon as you design website.

So there is no need to worry if you are a novice with computers, or if you know nothing about website creation. BlueVoda is a website builder that you can use to design website without any knowledge of HTML. All you need to do to design website is to follow the easy to follow instructions and tutorials that come with the package.

Within one or a few days’ time you will be proud of your website creation. And if you have multiple websites to create, with experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if you slowly take only half an hour for each new website creation!

In case you find any difficulties to design website, there is a 24/7 customer support you can approach for advice and help. And if this is not enough, I do vouch for the many BlueVoda website builder forums on the net. These forums have thousands of other BlueVoda users who will be more than happy to clear any doubts you may have while you design website.

All this said, don’t you see why I call BlueVoda the website builder extraordinaire!

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