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Up until the first time I came across the BlueVoda website builder, I was struggling to manage with my meager income as a part-time programmer with a day-time college course and was desperately in need of a free alternative to the many commercial website builders available online. Before using BlueVoda, I thought it would be yet another boring website builder. But well, I was wrong! After hours of searching for a free website builder to create website and learn how to make a website, the BlueVoda website builder revolutionized my experience in create website and learning how to make a website. The best part of BlueVoda is that it is free; I only needed to buy online web space in order to see my website online in almost no time. The BlueVoda website builder and web page publisher is just the software I needed to create my web pages with added complex utilities like embedded flash, animation, videos and more that too when I knew nothing about how to make a website or using a complex website builder.

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There are number of tutorial videos which helped me learn to use BlueVoda and how to make a website within few minutes. I could create website almost as soon as I downloaded and installed the latest version of BlueVoda. Without knowing anything about this complex website builder, I could create website as simply as by dragging and dropping page elements like flash, videos, animations and pictures on to the workspace. The user interface and visual layout of the BlueVoda workspace is so designed as to amazingly simplify my effort to create website and learn how to make a website. Setting the font style and size to choosing the background to editing HTML are as easy as the click of a mouse!

Learning how to make a website has never been so easy, thanks to the BlueVoda website builder. I needed almost no training in using a website builder or any knowledge of complicated website builder to create website. The whole create website process from scratch to setting up for online access is simplified to the level of the interface with the BlueVoda Website builder which any school-kid could also understand. I could create website with an unusual software like the BlueVoda website builder and I got to get my site up and going in no time.

I started out and learned how to make a website from scratch. I could learn how to make a website within minutes of viewing the online tutorial videos made just appropriate for the beginner user, thanks to crystal clear approaches to explaining key concepts and usage instructions. The videos helped me a lot in my effort to create website and learn how to make a website which would consist of elegant graphical layout added with rich textual tones. The built in website builder runs in the background while I drag and drop page elements on to the workspace and I can view the HTML source whenever I want.

This is a complete create website package that is not only perfect for use by any non techie person but also comes added with the swiftness and speedy capacity of a drag and drop website builder. BlueVoda was just right for me to create website and learn how to make a website. The considerably small installation package of the BlueVoda Website builder is quick to download and even easier to install and start using. I just love to create website using BlueVoda!

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