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My first meeting with BlueVoda website builder was through the reviews given at the website. Is BlueVoda really, the world’s best website builder? I was doubtful when I read some of the reviews on the website of BlueVoda website builder. The reviews suggested that BlueVoda was a great website maker that made it extremely easy to build website on your own. But the life and times are such that it is very difficult to trust anything. So when I read so many nice things about this Website Maker, I was compelled to check it out. How could a website maker help you to build website and without any cost? In this age when lifestyles have changed and all the software were so costly, BlueVoda, people said, came at no cost at all. How could this be true, I thought when even a human website maker these days, asked for a big sum to build website. Added to this, the BlueVoda users claimed that anybody could build website with BlueVoda website builder and there was no need to learn HTML and Web Editor. I decided to make my website using BlueVoda website builder. And in my mind I thought that when I would build website, I would certainly discover the catch in this website maker. HA! HA! HA!

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As it is, I had wanted to hire a website designer to build website for my small garment store. So instead of spending that big amount on a web designer, I took the disguise of a website maker and sat down to build website of my own. BlueVoda website builder was free to download. So I downloaded it and installed the website builder on my computer. I clicked on BlueVoda website maker and was stunned to see that it opened in a working space to build website. It had all the tools like they are in MS Word to help you build website effortlessly. Still I was searching for a catch in BlueVoda website builder so that I could say – “Look, like everything else, BlueVoda website maker was also a sham”. Perhaps this was a state of mind which compelled me to disapprove it so that my ego was satisfied. But on the contrary, I was growing fond of this website maker in the process to build website.

There was a drag & Drop option to place all the icons perfectly. Plus BlueVoda provided unlimited free web page backgrounds, templates and logos for website building. I was so happy. I could add streaming videos and free images to my website. Within a few hours, I built my website and it was a grand website. The process of website building was complete yet there were no signs of a catch in BlueVoda website builder. I couldn’t believe it but it was true that BlueVoda website maker indeed had no catch at all. The customer care representatives were there 24X7 to take care of me while I built website.

I had to take a web hosting account as they said that it was essential to activate the website on the Internet. By the next morning, my website was live on the Internet and I got very good response. My business improved a lot after I built the website. I’m still thriving in success so this review was essential. Really BlueVoda is indeed, the world’s best website builder.

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