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This flexible website builder is a real timesaver

I started using BlueVoda website builder software when my clients started demanding cheaper prices. The recent economic crisis hit every one hard and business could no longer afford to pay me to create website from scratch.

Everywhere on the internet seemed to be urging people to learn how to make a website to save money, and I did not want this as it meant I would be totally out of business.

Previously I would create website from scratch and I would charge my clients for my time. It took a long time to create website from scratch and the cost could easily be thousands of dollars.

I needed to find some way to create website but cut the amount of time that it took me. I needed to keep my clients and prevent them from finding a cause to learn how to make a website themselves.

As I was already a major leading website builder, I always had my ear to the ground about the most popular way of how to make a website. Some of them however charged you thousands of pounds to buy the website builder, which defeated the object in the first place.

BlueVoda was one of the options, as I had heard that their website builder software allowed a lot of features and abilities without placing any intrusive adverts on the main page of the website.

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I already had knowledge of how to make a website so figured there was nothing to lose by downloading BlueVoda website builder software as I could just get started straight away.

I decided to create website which would just be a dummy run first, as I wanted to know exactly what BlueVoda would do when it came to how to make a website. I was pleasantly surprised and hoped my clients never came across BlueVoda website builder as with this software, even a six-year-old child could learn how to make a website.

I was able to create website with unlimited pages and images, also how to make a website is easy as the software already had templates, logos and backgrounds that I could use, or I was free to upload my own.

Lots of clients wanted videos inserting when I create website for them, BlueVoda website builder had this ability as well. If you are learning how to make a website then BlueVoda Website builder software will be easy for you as it has a WYSIWYG editor built-in.

Other features can also be inserted including contact forms, flash displays, and social media buttons. You name it the features are there. How to make a website with BlueVoda website builder software is so easy that even a blind man could do it.

I cannot believe that I spent all that time learning how to make a website from scratch when I should just have used BlueVoda to create website in the first place.

For all my clients, I now create website using BlueVoda website builder software. They are also happier now as they have the flexibility to control their own websites. My time has also been cut in half by using BlueVoda to create website, and I have taken on lots more clients taking my business from strength to strength.

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