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BlueVoda is the best thing to have happened to the Internet and for those who have no idea how to build a website. With this site builder, how to build website is no more a problem, on the contrary BlueVoda site builder is the best and only way to create website effortlessly. I was a very spoiled daughter of my parents but I could feel the pain in my grandmother’s eyes. One day I casually asked her. She told me that we had a big palatial house back in India and nobody was there to take care of it. I suddenly realized and accompanied my grandmother to the place. It was gigantic, but sadly in ruins. We stayed there but no one came to visit us. The house was haunted, they said. My grandmother cried for she had spent a lifetime there and she was saddened to see it so lifeless and deserted. I got an idea “Why don’t we convert it into a Heritage Hotel?” But my grandmother said nobody would come because of the false stories. I told my friends about it and they said figure out how to build a website and create website to popularize it. We renovated it and opened it for the tourists. But nobody came.

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I asked website designers to create website but surprisingly no one was interested in us. Angrily, I decided to create website myself but I did not know how to build a website. How to build a website took on my nerves. I used to eat, sleep and live how to build a website. Then I browsed the internet to get an answer to how to build a website. I came to know that automated site builder could teach how to build website. I searched some site builder but they were all very complicated to create website. Then a unique site builder crossed my sight – the name was BlueVoda. BlueVoda site builder had amazing features and was absolutely free to create website. BlueVoda provided unlimited Web Page Backgrounds, Templates and Logos free of cost to create website. BlueVoda site builder provided a Drag & Drop option to place the icons at the desired position. This was enough for me to download BlueVoda site builder. This site builder provided a working area like MS Word to create website. BlueVoda had Tutorials to help in how to build a website. The Customer care Representatives of BlueVoda were always there to clear my doubts about how to build a website.

I didn’t know that it would be so easy to create website. I thoroughly enjoyed it and within a few hours I finished to create website. And what a wonderful website I had made! With a web hosting account the website was live on the net by next morning.

We waited nervously then one day we got a phone call. A multinational Company wanted the Hotel for their conference. We gladly welcomed them and the hotel received lot of appreciation for its services and grandeur. However, it was just the beginning of a great future ahead. My grandmother was very happy to see her house once again become spirited and lively. My parents were beaming with pride and said that their daughter had indeed grown up. But I couldn’t have done it without BlueVoda site builder which taught me how to build a website. Now I am a career woman and I can even give lessons in how to build a website. BlueVoda is really great.

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