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It’s been some time since I started a BPO company; our job is to do job outsourcing, taking contracts from companies and then outsourcing them at hiring low cost employees. Since we have to get contracts from companies for this we need to have a good repo in the market. I never thought about website creation for my company until a person working with me suggested it. I have a low budget right now so it’s not possible for me to hire some expert to design website for it, so I thought to design a website and give it a try.

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As an average computer user I didn’t have much idea about website creation but I did heard about the website builder so I searched on internet about the website builder that can design website for me. After a little search on net and reading some reviews about website builder, I heard this name BlueVoda, so checked their site, at first I felt a little weird to see that its merely a 4.1Mb software but anyhow I downloaded BlueVoda, and the moment I run it I remember, I felt like what this website builder can do and how will it design website for me, and I felt like I may need someone for website creation, but then I started to explore it, and the more I use it the more it opened to me. BlueVoda isn’t a website builder merely, it’s a complete solution for the website creation, and even if you have no idea about how to design website it will make you able to design website and that too in a very little time. So I started to design website by selecting a predefined template of the BlueVoda and then I posted a few promotional videos in my website for my company and you may not believe but the video addition to a page is very much easier in BlueVoda than any other website builder and you can also place the video in page according to design website have, and same is the case with the pictures where other website builder need time and effort to put the pictures in your website and then setting them up according the design website have, the BlueVoda just let you put the picture in the website with a single click and thus making the process of website creation much easier and simpler than any other website builder. After making a rough design website I published a copy of it through BlueVoda website builder and got a lot of feedbacks from people about design and I mended the website design according to the demands. Thus, finishing the process was very easy and without spending a single penny and that too having a unique website design of my choice.

So if you have some idea of website creation and want to design website of your own then it’s better to use the BlueVoda for your website creation to avoid any load on your budget as well as having a full fledged website and that too having website design of your own choice. From my personal experience I would recommend BlueVoda website builder to all the people who are willing to go for website creation in any field as it is simpler to use so will help you a lot website creation, even if you don’t know a word about website creation.

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