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If you were to ask someone today “why do you need a website creation tool?”, he would, quite possibly laugh at you. However, the same question would have evoked a puzzling or rather inquisitive expression around a decade ago. Let me shine a little light on this perspective with my own example. Seven years ago, I decided to break free from the regular job and start my own business. I did not have the capital to set up a huge office and employ a few people. That is when I decided to design website. However, I did not know how to design website? Someone in my family told me about website creation tool to design website. From what I had read and heard, programmers and designers to design website were very expensive.

I really did not accept this notion of using a website creation tool to design website. However, I did not have any other choice, thanks to my tight budget. Finally, I gathered courage to learn about this website creation tool. I had worked in the advertising domain for over 10 years and hence I knew very well that like other products this website creation tool or website builder could be another highly exaggerated product meant to misguide people who knew nothing about website creation, or those who wanted to design website. I watched the demo of this software tool known as the BlueVoda website builder. The demo, like all other demos, was impressive. I would not accept the tall claims made by this website builder to design website.

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However, once I tried this website builder on my own to design website, I was shocked. I could not believe that this website creation software known as the BlueVoda website builder could really help me design website without much complications. I must admit here that I had no prior knowledge about website creation software. I could not accept the fact that an automated website creation platform can help design website in no time. Let me now talk about some of the features of BlueVoda that made me fall in love with it.

I expected an automated website builder to simple to operate. The BlueVoda website builder turned out to be for the common person, and not only for the tech-savvy people. I could understand the manual of this website builder without having to learn complex technical terms pertaining to website creation. I did not have to study HTML programming or some computer language like C# to operate the BlueVoda website builder. This tool had beautiful pre-designed templates that made my job easy. The feasibility to add custom features like FLASH helped me create websites with amazing ease. The drag and drop feature of BlueVoda website builder was like an icing on a cake. You would not believe it but with BlueVoda, I create my first website in almost 90 minutes. Today, I can do much better! BlueVoda is not some magical tool; it’s a simple tool that produces outstanding results.

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