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A few months ago I decided I wanted to create a website for my family and I! Mainly for fun with our pictures, thoughts, that sort of thing!  It was then that it hit me, I was no website builder, in fact I knew less than nothing about being a site builder, and how on earth was I going to accomplish such a thing.  “Create a website,” my husband said.  “You are joking I assume!”  The thing is I wasn’t, so I started researching for anything I could find associated with being a website builder, create website, site builder, and website maker on the internet.  I had some sites come up, some with site builder, some without, but they were all so complicated, with words, terms and jargon  that I didn’t really understand, and then I found BlueVoda, and my search ceased.

BlueVoda website builder is brilliant, actually everything about BlueVoda from vodahost web hosting is brilliant. They provide everything, and all the information you need to create a perfect website.  You download you’re site builder, which is completely free by the way, and you’re off!  Well not quite, but BlueVoda provides you with video tutorials, written help, free help, everything you need to create a website, and in fact become a website builder .

I remember looking at a blank page and thinking “What now?” Because, to be honest, I’m really not that brilliant on a computer.  In fact it took me a while to work out how to turn it off and on properly, so you can see where I’m coming from when I say my knowledge is somewhat basic!  I decided to look through BlueVoda website, and low and behold I found everything I was looking for.  VodaHost on BlueVoda said I needed to define my web page’s, really think about how I wanted my webpage’s to look, and how to get the best out of being a website maker.  I familiarized myself fully before starting out, and as BlueVoda makes it so easy with their video tutorials, it wasn’t long before I was itching to jump in and have a go at being a website builder!

I got pointers on my website, how I should insert pictures using the site builder, how to resize them using BlueVoda pix resizer.  I really felt like a website maker. I had started to create a website that looked professional, stunning, and really a cutting edge, and it was all thanks to BlueVoda site builder.

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BlueVoda also gave me tips on font colors, on hyperlinks, and it was all so easy to do on the BlueVoda site builder.  A few months ago I would have never guessed I could accomplish so much!  It was and still is such a rewarding and satisfying project.  So much so that I have got all my friends to try out being a website maker.  They also agree with me, as they  didn’t feel that being a website builder could be so easy. They also agree that it’s all down to BlueVoda and their perfect web design software, to which we all owe our success!

My husband then decided that if I could be a website maker, well so could he!  A website maker, I really did find that funny, he didn’t even know what drawer to look in to find his socks!  I did tell him months ago that his little building company needed to create a website, and that he needed to keep up with the times, and that everyone uses the internet these days.  So guess what?   He decided to try and create a website with BlueVoda site builder!  He managed to create a website, not that I was really surprised, after all,  like I said BlueVoda site builder is so easy to use, and anyone (including the hubby), can be a website maker.  He describes himself as a website builder actually, and tells everyone how easy it is to create a website with BlueVoda, site builder.  Anyway I have to say we don’t have a small building company anymore, we have quite a large building company!  Our business really took off since we decided to create a website for it, which is brilliant, (and more shopping online for me yippee!).

BlueVoda is not only really, really, easy to use, but it also offers great value for money, and for a very low cost monthly, yearly, or tri-yearly plan, you can have a very low cost website for you’re business.

BlueVoda, site builder also offers e-commerce shopping trolleys and other selling options, because BlueVoda is so perfectly simple to use it’s really simple for any web maker,  or web builder to install.  I am even wondering if I should create a website for a business of my own. I mean BlueVoda is so reasonable compared to renting a shop to sell from!  Actually there is no comparison on the overheads for a premises, compared to the perfect solution of being able to create websites with BlueVoda and the absolutely phenomenal rates they offer for maintaining a website!

So What can I say, in a few months I have gone from a woman who really didn’t know much about  the internet and computers, to a woman who with the help of BlueVoda website builder, can accomplish being able to create a website, a website builder, or website maker (if you prefer), and all with the BlueVoda site builder.  Not only that, but my hubby’s business has taken off so much so that we have more money to spend, which really is a bonus, and really down to BlueVoda and it’s perfect solutions to help him be a website builder.  My friends all love my website, and their own, and I have great fun rearranging my site and adding to it with the BlueVoda site builder.

BlueVoda is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a website, and really wants to call themselves a website builder, or website maker (like the hubby, wink, wink).  We know that with BlueVoda we will never look back, and I would say to anyone who wants to create a website, don’t take my word for it, try BlueVoda site builder and see for yourself. Anyone who tries BlueVoda site builder will say the same, “I use BlueVoda website builder, because it’s simply it’s best.”

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