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Jennifer is another great example. Jennifer is the marketing manager for a small mortgage company. She typically pays a graphic design company to create brochures and an ad company to run local television ads to promote their business.  Jennifer knows that their customers are very inconvenienced by their lack of a website. However, the small company’s owner has never considered it to be a priority. The company could easily afford to pay a decent sum for a professionally designed website, but Jennifer found BlueVoda website builder and had a great idea. If she could create website for  the company a website for free, then there would be a better chance of the owner accepting the website and quickly getting the company online.  The website will need to be able to offer a variety of information downloads and will need tables for figures and such. Search engine ranking was not a major concern, as the website will be meant for current customers and those typing in the url directly after seeing the TV and brochure ads. Jennifer downloaded BlueVoda  website builder one night and gave it a try.  It had it all. She added in her tables and downloads. She uploaded the company logo and filled in the text areas with all the appropriate information. Jennifer was also able to add in contact and comment forms and a guestbook that are sent directly to her email. Now, Jennifer will even be able to find new leads through the website. When Jennifer finished create website, she went in to her boss and showed him the incredible site she had built for free! The owner was so impressed at her initiative and cost saving efforts that Jennifer got a raise and her website went live the next day.  The website has been a welcome addition to the mortgage company and business has successful increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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