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Technology has had a tremendous impact on our lives. Only ten years or so ago, who would have thought that meetings and conferences would be conducted online along with so many other essential ingredients of business? As far as I can tell, technology facilitates a job to be completed in an easier way or in less time. Let us talk about building websites. What are the components of website creation? In order to design website, two types of professionals are required. One, a person who can design website, and two, a professional who can code the website. Hence, the entire process of building websites involves two phases: website design and website development. In general, a person who would design website might not be familiar with programming language. Likewise, a website developer would have no idea of website designing.

I faced this issue too while I wanted to design website. I calculated that I would have to pay to the designer and the developer. And this would cost me thousands. This is when I thought of website creation using website builder. I wanted to know whether I can design website with aid of website builder. The availability of a large number of website builder tools left me confused. I could not decide which is the right website builder for website creation. I explored some of the popular website builder brands, but could not really come to a decision. While reading a review on using a website builder for website creation, I learned about BlueVoda. I started doing a little research on the authenticity of this website builder. After watching the demo of the BlueVoda website creation software, I knew this was the one for me.

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There were several factors of this website creation tool that helped me decide this was the right platform to design website. I wanted the website builder to be free of spyware or irritating ads. Surprisingly, BlueVoda was 100% ad-free. I expected the website creation software to give step-by-step instruction to a newbie like me. BlueVoda taught me how to design website in a clear-cut fashion. I did not want to learn HTML to be able to design website. BlueVoda helped me understand the process of website creation in a simple, non-technical method. I wanted the website creation process to be hassle free, and not time consuming. BlueVoda let me design website in less than an hour. I could even publish my website on the Internet using the one-click publishing button of BlueVoda.

I wanted my website to grow with my needs, that is, I could add unlimited web pages to my website in future. Unlike most other tools, BlueVoda let me design website with unlimited number of web pages at no extra cost. BlueVoda is not some complex, website creation software meant to confuse amateurs like me with technical jargon. It is a simple, powerful website builder developed to help build websites in real time. I would definitely say that BlueVoda is a website builder extraordinaire.

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