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BlueVoda is indeed the best website builder to create website. I am an architect by profession and I had to leave my job due to some personal reasons. I then started my own freelancing architecture business. It is important for anyone to reach the right audience today and for that the best thing to do is to create website that will popularize your work. As an architect, it was not a part of my curriculum to learn how to create website or learn about website builders, thus I was quite clueless. Though the determination was there but the problem was how to create website. I didn’t know anyone who knew the art to create website, as none of my family members and friends had any HTML knowledge or knew anything about the website builder, which was a major cause of concern.

I was very desperate and wanted to create website to get business underway but then I did not know anyone who would teach me website creation and if I asked a professional about the website builder, he would charge a huge amount to help me create website. I did not want to lose clients and work because I did not know how to create website or how to work with website builders.

For once, to create website became a big thing for me! I had got stuck! It seemed like there was no life beyond this! I forgot all about my business, all about architecture, just because I had no knowledge about a website builder! I felt like a dumb fellow! I got to know that you need to know HTML in order to work with the website builder and like a crazy fellow I consumed all my time studying about the HTML and still after days of learning what I got in the end was a big zero! It was all very confusing! The more I tried to learn the more I got confused! I even bought a website builder but I was not able to go to the next level!
I was so disappointed! I had started doubting my abilities! Then, one day, I was just browsing the internet as if it was all over for me and suddenly a word flashed before me – BlueVoda website builder! And to my happiness, BlueVoda was what exactly I was looking for! Initially, it was unbelievable and I was pleasantly surprised! But even then, I was not sure! I started reading about it very carefully. It said that it was very easy to create website. I read many testimonies of satisfied users about BlueVoda. I found there were many people like me who did not know how to create website and how BlueVoda helped them. I downloaded and installed BlueVoda website builder on my PC and can you imagine, it was absolutely free to create website. Since I was an architect I wanted the site to look great and attractive. I had no idea on website creation; though I had a lot of ideas on how to create website and I was thrilled, it was not only was easy but a lot of fun. It had free of cost Logos, Web Page Backgrounds and Templates which gave me unlimited choices and ideas about how I wanted my website to look.

BlueVoda also had the option to insert streaming flash and plug-ins scripts to the website. BlueVoda opened to a work area for website creation. All the accessories like inbox, sign up, and shopping carts etc. were given as Icons. The Drag & Drop function of this website builder helped me to place them. BlueVoda website builder had Tutorials to guide me through the process of website creation. The website builder helped me to use all the tools and to change fonts and colors and add many features to the website. Website creation was really a very enjoyable process.

I ordered a web hosting account and my website was streaming live on the internet. All my friends were very in awe of my ability of website creation. They requested me to teach them the art of website creation. I saved money and was able to create website which gave the needed boost to my business. I’m thriving in success and prosperity and it is all because of BlueVoda website builder which taught me how to create website. And now, I also have a side business; that of a professional Website Builder, great, isn’t it?

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