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BlueVoda website builder helped me to realize my dream. I worked in a tour operating company and always wanted to open my own company. And my dream came true when I started running an inbound tour operating company, where I promoted my country as a tourism destination and invited more and more people to visit it. I wanted to attract more people towards my company. Someone told me that the best thing to do in such a case is to create website. This would act as a marketing tool and people would know about my company, new destinations and total cost of the package. It will also become easy for people to make cost comparison of packages with other companies. In short, the best thing would be to create website as it is the age of internet marketing.

But, I had to confront the big problem – how to create website. The prices which were charged by website builder available in the market exceeded my budget. Then one of my friends told me that if I wanted to create website, there was no need of a web designer. She said that I only need to download the BlueVoda website builder. I suddenly got the solution of my problem of how to create website. BlueVoda the website builder helped people to create website by giving step by step instructions. I could not believe that all my problems of how to create website were solved so easily. I was so happy. I downloaded the BlueVoda the website builder. The most convenient part of the BlueVoda website builder was that you don’t need to know beforehand how to make a website. The software enables you to create website easily and in the simplest possible manner. The BlueVoda website builder has a very simple drag and drop option which makes the task to build a website very easy. The only thing I needed was knowledge on my subject on which I have to create website.

The website builder provides innumerable pre-designed web page background templates and logos to create website of your type and choice. It also gives you the facility to create website of not one or two but several pages. It is absolutely a joyride if you like to play with designs and in this joyride you get the aid of BlueVoda Tutorials and if this is not enough you can ask for help of the customer executives. They are there to help you 24 x 7 and clear all your doubts and questions.

I needed to make my website in French and Spanish, but I didn’t know how to make a website in those languages. But BlueVoda website builder made me a web designer. I need not spend a large sum of money to create website as the miraculous website builder was my aid. It is very easy to create website with BlueVoda and one can use many of the templates in the website builder. And I know how to make a website. Now I give suggestions to other people on how to make a website and also tell them about BlueVoda the website builder. BlueVoda, the website builder provides many tools like plug ins, forms etc. that help a layman to create website. And a layman can attain expertise in how to make a website.

The best thing was that I was able to insert video and audio files in my website. It enabled me to entice my customers by showing them a mini version of the destinations they could visit by contacting me. Isn’t it great! Really BlueVoda is a godsend. What more, BlueVoda website builder is free of cost. You just have to download and install it on your computer.
The only time you have to pay is when you get attached to a web host. It is very necessary though, as it helps you to bring your website on the net. The webhosting company takes charge of everything that is needed to make the website function properly on the net.

After I managed to create website I am proud of myself. It was a grand, grand looking website. I had no idea of HTML and knew nothing about how to make a website but still I succeeded in creating the most professional and multi language website for a tour operator and that also in no time and in a simple way. And it was only possible because of BlueVoda, website builder. And now I have my own company with fairly good reputation. Three cheers for BlueVoda!

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