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John owned a flourishing business dealing in junk jewelry. Considering the growing demand for costume jewelry amongst youth, it was an obvious time for John to expand his business. Though his business had a reputed name for itself in the city, very few people knew about his business across the country. Moreover, John also wanted his business to enter into the global business arena… He saw far more opportunity there. Being an alert and sensible person, John would read journals and magazines on electronic commerce. He read in an article that one could easily create website using a software website builder and really reap the rewards. He had never before heard of an automated website creation tool to create website and was taken aback. This made him think.

In the beginning John was of the view that it is impossible to create website using some automated website builder and that a website designer (with knowledge of coding) is the best resource available to create website but then John’s close friend and mentor, Ronan, recommended the BlueVoda website builder during a casual discussion over coffee. Unaware of the functionality of an automated website creation tool, John visited the website of the BlueVoda website builder to learn just how he too could create website. The tutorials available on the website helped John to learn how to use the BlueVoda website builder to create website after he had downloaded it. The drag-and-drop functionality and the outright simplicity of BlueVoda amazed John.

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John was aware of but possessed little knowledge of the code writing involved to create website. The BlueVoda website builder offered a number of image options to make the website look good and while a conventional website builder uses a lot of RAM, BlueVoda happily allowed John to create website sitting comfortably at his home, using his laptop. He was also massively pleased by BlueVoda because website designers charge a lot to create website and in addition, they take a lot of time to create website. John feels he saved a lot of time and money by choosing BlueVoda over a website designer/coder. A website designer, as John claims, would charge for every major and even minor change however, with BlueVoda, John could make changes every now and then, in his own time, until he was fully satisfied with the template, and arrangements.

John had to present the maximum number of images of various jewelry items under different categories. He wanted to sort items under different sections- men’s, women’s, trendy, sporty, elegant, etc. John spent around an hour using BlueVoda website builder and after that, he did not have difficulties using the tool to create a wonderful website. With other tools, John claims, HTML knowledge used to be a prerequisite. The BlueVoda website builder, however, made it incredibly simple for even an amateur in web designing to build websites and really good ones at that.

Today, John is a successful entrepreneur both off- and online. He has made sales worth thousands of dollars through his website and he claims that visitors love to browse through his website. John has never stopped using the BlueVoda website builder. He uses this tool to make any necessary changes to his existing website. He also plans to launch a few more websites later this year but is keeping schtum about those at the moment. Asked about his feedback for BlueVoda, John says that it has helped him generate revenues in less time and John says he would not have made it without BlueVoda.

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