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Creating a website is a hobby for some while it is a profession for others. Whatever you conceive it as, it does need some technical skills in addition to a lot aesthetic sense and temperament. To create website, one does not need to go through the rigmarole of joining and finishing a computer course unless you want to make it your profession. Let us go through a few pointers towards achieving this objective. How to make a website is a question that will be answered in this article.

a.    To create website that is beautiful and attracts visitors, it is imperative that you have good graphics in addition to good content on it.
b.    In order to create website, you would also need to use an html editor and you will also need to learn to use it.
c.    To create website, in addition to using an html editor, you will also need to have knowledge of using an image editing software like photoshop.
d.    You would also need to know how a website actually works and what it takes to get a site “live” before you go on to create website.

Although, it seems quite easy, the process of using an html editor or an image editor is not so easy and it would take some learning. This is not to discourage you from the effort to create a website but just to let you know that it is not as easy as it seems.

About investments, you will need to have a computer, which is only a small part of the process to create website. You will also need to invest on the html editor, image editor and a few other pieces of software that could cost a few thousand dollars to create website. You will also need to invest in a domain name and some web space to host your website, so that it goes “live”. So, create website is not as inexpensive as it is made out to be.

Once you have the above and prepare yourself technically, you are ready to create website. In this context, let us understand the process to create website in a little more detail.

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First, you will need to understand and plan what you want to create website for. Once this is decided, you can look for some similar websites and get an idea as to how to go about the design and placement of the website. Coming to the field from the drawing board, you will need to make the layout of your website on the html editor and go ahead form there by deciding where you want the graphics to be and where you want to place text. In your endeavor to create website, do not forget the finer details. Get your rough graphics ready and begin editing them on the image editor. After you are satisfied, you can start placing the graphics on you website using the html editor. To keep checking how it would come out, you can use the browser view in your html editor. Every html editor worth its salt will have this option, no need to worry.

Once your finish with the graphics, you can begin adding text again using your html editor. After you finish the process and you are satisfied with the results, you can use your FTP client to upload onto your web space. Now your website is live and kicking.

To create website is not as simple as I made it sound above. However, this is just a broad outline of how to create website and the processes involved.

If you are a hobbyist and you want to create website for your own personal use, for example a blog, a good option would be to use a web site maker. A web site maker is software designed for non-technical people who would like to create website one-time or for people who cannot invest a few thousand dollars and go through a six month cycle of learning to create a website.

How to make a website using a web site maker?

This is as easy as swimming or cycling. A web site maker comes with all options that you can choose from and create a website in a single day. For many people using a web site maker does not even take that long. For people who wonder about how to make a website, a web site maker is the easy and inexpensive option.

A web site maker is simple to use and works on the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) principle. You can draw, write and copy or paste things on it like a child using a magic slate. Once your design is approved by you, a web site maker can save the work as a web page for further use. All you need to do is to upload it to your web space and see it go live.

A web site maker is a basic utility that can help you create website with little or no technical know-how. A lot of such utilities are available across the internet. However, to create website, you will need to find the right one that suits your requirements.

Personally, I used the BlueVoda web site maker to create website. I get a lot of advantage form this web site maker. First, this web site maker comes free with the web hosting that the company offers, second, it is easy to use, third, it has an inbuilt FTP clients that uploads the web site to their hosting system without any problems. This means, when I use this web site maker, I do not need to invest in an html editor, image editor, FTP client or even web hosting to create a website. I get all of them as single package for a monthly price of $7.99. I personally feel, it can’t get any better.

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