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BlueVoda is certainly the world’s best website builder and certainly a site builder that made me go ‘green with envy’! Yes, this is not an experience anyone would like to share! No one would like to show his own shortcomings before people. But I cannot stop myself from praising this great website builder which definitely changed me!

I am a professional website designer and I was extremely busy and didn’t have time to create website. I was great at my job; well I thought so! After all, it was no mean thing to create website, “not everyone can create website”. I was proud of myself. My phone kept ringing and I had many clients. It was at that time this person named Dave came to me. He needed to create website for his small business consultancy services. As I told you I was not free and that from a person who had a small company! I saw him every day sitting in my office. It irritated me! He wanted me to create website but he did not have the sum to give me! I had no time for such beggars! One day I had to shun him out of the office saying “My office was no park, come only when you have the money!” And he did not return and his phone calls also stopped.

After a few months, the number of my clients decreased. I wondered what the reason was and when I inquired I came to know there was a new website builder in the market called Dave who was designing websites for free! I was surprised as well as shocked! After all, I was the best! Then I was compelled to meet Dave. Contrary to my belief, he was very polite! He told me his story. He said that he researched on the net and found a free of cost web website builder. Actually, he had no idea as to how to build a website on his own, but the BlueVoda website builder package came to his aid to create website in order for his business. Although he had no previous experience in how to build a website, the BlueVoda website builder tutorials helped him immensely to create website. The tutorials consisted of instructions on each and every aspect of how to build a website, right from the setting up of a suitable template, from a wide choice of templates, to hosting his website on the internet.

Dave easily made effective use of every feature provided by the BlueVoda website builder. He created a stunning homepage with the extensive collection of BlueVoda templates as well as logos. To create website, he uploaded the images available with the website builder package to the site, so it looked colorful and attractive. He then added more pages in the process of how to build a website. Dave learnt how to build a website in just about three days. Soon, his presence began to be felt often in the BlueVoda create website forum, exchanging advice and information with the other members about how to build a website by using BlueVoda website builder. Thanks to David’s participation in the in the forum, many people learned how to build a website by using the BlueVoda website builder.

Dave said that the BlueVoda is an advanced website builder that anyone can use to create website in minutes. This unique website builder lets one create website with various plug-ins, flash, scripts, forms, streaming media and so much more. Dave made a broad comparison and found that “create website with BlueVoda” package beats all software such as Freeworks, Cabanova, and Angelfire etc. As it is very inexpensive, it is also just right and BlueVoda website builder is the best way to come to terms with how to build a website.

He just had to purchase a web hosting account to bring the website live on the net. It also tripled his income from his business. It had made Dave’s business as well as his life all the more easier. He told me that BlueVoda helped him when he was in real need so he decided that he would help other people who could not afford a human website builder to create website.

I saw his website and it was superb, even better than I could make! I was ashamed of myself and now I also use BlueVoda to create website. Today, I know that ‘everyone can create website’ and I am no God! But I keep telling everyone, “BlueVoda is the best website builder!

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