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I always wanted to start an online business, but a big stumbling block was my complete lack of programming ability and equal lack of design skills, so I couldn’t code a website from scratch. Hiring a web developer to create website templates for me was completely out of my budget. Thankfully, while looking for a WYSIWYG website builder, I came across BlueVoda. I was skeptical at first because I did not recognize the name and software that promises to let you create website. Prototypes are a dime-a-dozen, yet the ones I have tried before these, were very difficult to use. Some of them even claim to be free but actually lock everything behind expensive pay walls. The worst are those that are actually malware in disguise. The fact that I was able to install BlueVoda without any problems and that it’s an actual website builder is a great start – and it gets better from there.

BlueVoda is clearly designed for users of all skill levels, whether they’re experienced web developers or complete novices who don’t know how to create website. I fall in with the latter group, as I didn’t even have my own host when I first got BlueVoda. Everything from hosting to the website builder is already provided. I didn’t have to go anywhere to create website layouts and implement them. BlueVoda promises the ability to create website in under 30 minutes, but that promise might be meant for experienced developers. I have no prior experience so it took me a little slower than that, but it is very powerful and intuitive enough that I was able to create website without any outside help. That alone was worth praising, considering that the previous website builder I used was so complicated that I didn’t even know where to start and was unable to create website.
BlueVoda is different, the user interface was intuitive. You can use it if you know how to use Windows programs. You just need a few minutes to get acclimated with it. The tutorials were really helpful in this case. I think veterans won’t need them, but a complete newbie like me certainly benefits from the tutorials and concise instructions on how to create website from scratch.

The integration with VodaHost also made my work easier. I didn’t need different hosting services and waste time trying to integrate them with each other. Everything I needed to deploy and create website prototypes is already included when buying the website builder and VodaHost. I found everything that I needed; even ones that I don’t need yet but could prove useful in the future. For instance, most of the sites I built were basic static pages. I didn’t need to fiddle with anything related to SQL but when the time came to create website more complex than the ones I had right now, and I needed SQL features, this website builder let me implement them without really needing to learn SQL. I didn’t even need to learn HTML, I could create website just using the wizard.

One good thing with this website builder is that consistency of the layout could be preserved. I used to have problems to create website layouts that look good on the editor, because I ended up with formatting errors when viewed on different browsers. With this website builder, the websites I created looked the same when viewed on different browsers, except for the old Internet Explorer, but that’s not such a big problem given that nobody really uses IE these days.

Another advantage to the BlueVoda website builder compared to the other website builder I have used in the past is that the sites I managed to build using BlueVoda are virtually indistinguishable from any other site made by another website builder, or even ones that were coded from scratch. There are no watermarks placed by the website builder. If you purchase hosting from VodaHost, you automatically get full access to BlueVoda and can use it to create website templates and layouts for any purpose that you want. It’s refreshing to see a company that gives you exactly what you pay for instead of trying to double dip or fleece you out of as much money as possible.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the ability to create website using BlueVoda. I can’t speak for veteran web developers who can code websites from scratch using notepad, but people like me who need a WYSIWYG website builder but want to create website templates and layouts that have advanced features not normally found on an entry level website builder, BlueVoda is the best website builder you’ll ever come across. The fact that it comes bundled in if you get a VodaHost hosting plan can be seen as a bonus, especially if you don’t have a hosting plan yet.

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