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BlueVoda is a great web editor

The commercial web editor software are often huge downloads running to hundreds of megabytes, and are resource-hungry in terms of demanding CPU power, and hard disk space. BlueVoda is less than 5 MB download and can run even on a modest system with decent features. It does not eat up your CPU cycles or occupy much hard disk space. Commercial web editors can take a lot of time even to load and start up. BlueVoda is simple and fast to load.
Feature Bloat:
A major number of commercial website tools suffer from what is known as “feature bloat”. They simply contain too many confusing features that you will never need to use anyway. The result can be a huge learning curve, and you will easily be misled into using advanced features when you will be better off with a simpler lean and mean design. Web editor software like Dreamweaver include code for WebDAV uploads, which stands for Distributed Authoring and Versioning. These are stuff that a typical small business owner will not likely need.
Bloated Code:
Many commercial website tools are notorious for producing over-blown code even for the simplest of the HTML pages. The result: overgrown web pages that need increased download times, and can result in frustrated users. To make hand tweaks in the generated code would make the code unreadable back by the software that created it. But with BlueVoda, web code produced is tight, lean and mean, and you can customize the code to a high degree. You can right-click on any HTML object and invoke a “Properties” dialog to customize the generated code as you see fit. Products from Microsoft and Adobe generate bloated code because they need to be able to support shared editing and server-side scripting. But these are not typically required for a small or medium business owner who is only looking to get a decent website (including shopping cart) going on.

Adobe Dreamweaver can produce complex table-based HTML code. This is generally frowned upon even by standards agencies like W3C. BlueVoda produces highly optimized, W3C-compliant code.

Basic shopping cart functionality:
If you are an individual looking to build a personal website, you may not need a shopping cart in your website. If you are a small business owner looking to sell products on the Web then you will need basic shopping cart functionality in the website. This can be difficult to integrate when using commercial website tools like Dreamweaver. Typically you will need expert advice from a web programmer to integrate your shopping cart to a database. But with BlueVoda you get predefined toolbar buttons that enable you to create a basic shopping cart that allows payment via PayPal. You don’t need to code anything for this – you only need to drag and drop the PayPal payment buttons onto your web page when using BlueVoda.
With BlueVoda you are not limited to plain-looking HTML pages in your website. You can add images, pictures and graphics. You can include tables, forms and frames. You can put in audio/video clips, Java applets, Flash files, and custom scripted JavaScript code files. You can also add photo galleries, guestbooks, and ad banner rotators.

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Free and helpful training videos:

BlueVoda has many helpful video tutorials to get you started from the basics all the way to the advanced levels. If you want to get trained on advanced Dreamweaver or FrontPage/Expression Web usage, you will need to buy training CD/DVDs that cost several hundreds of dollars. BlueVoda’s video tutorials are free.

Drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface:
If you know Windows’ drag-and-drop then that is enough to work with BlueVoda. BlueVoda does not confuse or clutter you with too many options and it is simple and effective WYSIWYG software that is comparable in interface and performance with other WYSIWYG software.
Integration with hosting:
BlueVoda has built-in integration with VodaHost hosting company, and you can publish your website files directly from within BlueVoda. The advanced BlueVoda features are tightly integrated with VodaHost hosting, making changes simpler.

In short, BlueVoda is a very good web editor that is at par with other website tools. There is no charge to download or use BlueVoda to generate your websites. As an individual or small business owner, you get all the functionality you need to create a website from BlueVoda for free, as you would from any commercial design tools that cost several hundred dollars each.

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