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In a world where the Internet has become a global platform for communication, it is obvious for individuals and businesses to foray into the online domain, and create their identity through their websites. I was nowhere close to being called a tech-conscious person. I was more of a person living in the horse and buggy days. To me, business meant physical interaction. I would believe that buying and selling means exchange of goods from one hand to another, ‘physically’. This was the reason why my business was failing to expand. No doubt, I was making some bucks. But my business had become static with no growth which is always a worry. It was as if I was making the same profits year after year. I tried different tactics like advertising in local newspapers and the Yellow Pages. But I got no results or increases from these attempts. All my friends were talking about the fact that I had to create a website. They would even discuss how to create a website during our weekend get-togethers. My daughter was a tad smarter than I am. She came to me one day and told me in that cute headstrong way, to create a website. I asked her why I should do that. She told me that it is the only way I could expand my business, and reach out to more customers. She explained the concept of online shopping to me. She explained how easy and common it was that people go online and buy products and services.

My business was rather small. I owned a small wine shop in the outskirts of the city. My customers were mostly people I knew. My daughter told me that I can bring in more customers if I create a website. She told me that if I have an online purchase option, people can buy the products I offer without having to come all the way to my shop. It all sounded like a good idea so I decided to talk to a few website designers. I was however totally shocked by the prices that they were demanding for their services.  I was not prepared to spend that amount of money to create a website, I just did not have it to spare. I began to give up on the idea all together. Once again my daughter persisted and told me about automated website builder programs that can help create a website. I could not digest the fact that a website builder can actually create a website on its own. It all seemed so out of my reach but I began searching for the right website builder to create a website without the professionals. A simple Google search led me to hundreds of website builder software. How was I to know which one was ideal for me to create a website?

I went to forums and read about the different features made available by the website builder programs. I needed something that would make it easy to create a website. I compared their fees and benefits. I even read expert reviews of such website builder programs. I wanted to hear all about other users who wanted to create a website and their experiences.  After much research, I decided to opt for the BlueVoda website builder. Honestly, I was not expecting much from this website builder because it was really cheap and the actual building program was for free. You can’t exactly expect a free service to be of good quality.  However, just after using it once, I found my worries fade out. I did not have to learn HTML language to create a website with this website builder. The drag and drop functionality of this great program really helped me, being an amateur create a website with ease. The image gallery had thousands of website templates that I could choose from provided by this website builder. What I also liked about the it was that unlike other programs it did not limit me to the number of pages I could add. In other words, while other programs allowed only the creation of a certain number of pages for free, the website builder allowed creation of unlimited web pages. Also, another great feature for free is I was able to download so many different styles of logos, templates, backgrounds and headers from their image library. I really think this is a superb website builder. It took me almost 3 hours to create my first website. However, within 2-3 days I improved my time to 2 hours and finally to an hour.

The BlueVoda website builder is completely 100% clean. This means there was absolutely no Spyware or Adware throughout. I found this website builder simple and user friendly. I had no issues using this program to create a website. Now that my website is up and running, I am thankful to my daughter and BlueVoda for helping me improve and expand my business.   If anyone desires to create a website for their business, I will without a doubt suggest they use this website builder.

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