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BlueVoda, in layman’s term, is an exciting tool to create a website. It is an advanced tool with all integrated html editor capability that has fantastic features and uses. In fact, it has such advanced capability that is absent in other contemporary html editor tools. This tool can be handled by any level of users to create a website in no time. The integrated features make it a powerful html editor, which can be used by people, who don’t know anything about the html language, also. You can easily enhance your skill set with the opportunity to create a website with wonderful options. Building any level of sites with single page to multi-page options, integrating with high-tech features, available with the most cutting-edge website design resources, is possible and made very convenient with BlueVoda. Personally, as a beginner in website design technologies, I found this tool very exciting and having wonderful potential for my website design activities. Added to that a good support, advanced features, ease to use with a personal touch have made it the most preferred html editor to create a website.

BlueVoda – excellent html editor package
BlueVoda tool is becoming a very popular tool to create a website among internet community. It’s all integrated feature and the amount of package floating on the web is an indication of the popularity of this tool. It is becoming the top html editor and website designer tool for any level of users, who need to create a website. The package of this tool that you can find in the website freely includes at least the following materials:
–    BlueVoda tool: Free GUI html editor and website designer tool available to create a website.
–    Articles providing information on BlueVoda: Unlimited amount of articles available freely about using BlueVoda, its feature and how to create a website using this tool.
–    BlueVoda site builder templates: Attractive and innovative compatible templates that will help you as a starting point to create a website easily with this tool
–    Step by step short videos on this tool operating instructions: The most comprehensive and helpful online video manual. These are very short and attractive videos that can be even followed by laymen to know how to create a website easily through this tool.
–    Forums or user community discussing BlueVoda technology: There are a host of online communities and even BlueVoda support forums discussing the technology.

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Advanced html editor features of BlueVoda
This tool has many simple and advanced features available, which makes it an integrated website design tool to create a website. Some of the great features available are pointed below:
–    Configuration and Use: This is very easy to use tool, especially for its ease of installation and configuration. It can be installed like any other simple set-up file. The tool also provides a personalized touch to create a website, for its software configuration matching with common word processor such as Microsoft word.
–    GUI: The GUI has made it very easy to create a website for even beginners. They don’t have to deal with any software language barrier like other html editors. This has the buttons, logos, graphic headers, templates, etc like GUI options.
–    Images: You can insert images and even edit them, while you create a website enriched in graphics and multimedia content.
–    Video player usages: You can use video player file links inside your webpage and create a website compatible with players such as real player, WMP, flash player, etc.
–    Advanced text option: You can even display rolling text bar and text area, in addition to logos, rss feed links as in your blogs to create a website.
–    Commercial tools: To create a website with commercial purpose, you can even link your PayPal account for transferring money.
–    Support links: There is even support links placed through menu bars pointing directly to its support, video tutorial pages; to create a website by guiding you.
–    SEO and keyword targeting: Create a website with this html editor, specifically making your website compatible with search engines to rank higher and generate traffic. It provides you option for keywords and Meta tags insertion.

These simple and advanced options through a guided support help any user to feel comfortable with this tool to create a website within matter of hours. These options are very hard to find in any other html editor tools, giving BlueVoda a higher ranking, fun-filled and exciting option to design web pages.

Service and support provided by BlueVoda to create a website
The service and tutorials are of superb quality, for which even beginners feel very comfortable to start their experience with this html editor tool, without even knowing the basics of website design. My personal experiences with the following support medium out of BlueVoda service providers were very pleasant.
–    Mailing Service: Without any mail from your side, they sent around 2-3 mails within a day of signing up. All of these pointing to their web links for support to ensure you create a website fairly easily. I give a good rating for their mailing service and answering through mails.
–    Video Tutorials: You can visit the site to know about the quality of their video tutorials available to support even a beginner to create a website, without knowing any html editor tool. Short and interesting video with step-by-step guide is enough for any user to know most of the features about the tool.
–    Online Forum: There are vast online forums with diverse topic discussed 24/7 a week. The user community is very big with lots of people interested to know about the tool and let know the users to create a website easily with advanced features. The response time is very fast as lots of people are available all the time there, with even BlueVoda service provider answering.

BlueVoda feature and quality review as an html editor
–    Features review: The features are very exciting and new to use with the advanced techniques available to create a website. To use these technology components, a knowledge of advanced web design languages like HTML, DHTML, ASP, .NET, etc and professional design tools like Dreamweaver and Front page tools will also be insufficient. The GUI option, text and image options to create a website, commercial tool buttons, multimedia options and SEO options, etc are the unique features available through this tool.
–    Performance: It’s a high performance data handler and processor with compatible audio, image and video file handler. You will get a total professional feel with this tool to create a website at any experience level.
–    Ease of handling: The tools configuration, GUI options and advanced features with proper support; makes it very easy to handle and user-friendly. That is why; even the beginners are excited to create a website through this tool, as compared to any other html editor tools or languages.

It’s a very exciting feel to experience this tool to design website with advanced techniques. As a beginner in website design, I was able to create a website for myself within a day using very good technique without knowing any web design languages or tool. The package available in the web, the support available online, the features, the user-friendly configuration and the template with nice hosting features available together with this tool describes its potential of the most superior html editor available till now.

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