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For any business to standout amongst others, the first thing that they should focus on is their marketing strategy. Now, the heart of marketing is an official website. Though everything was clear to me and I had a plan how to work it out or create website, yet building the website was just like an alienated thing to me. I had no idea about how to create website and how to carry out the various functions of the site using any website builder. Days passed by and my curiosity to create website increased too. Soon, when I shared this fact with my friend he advised me that I should look for this over the internet, maybe there I can find my answers about developing a site.

I was intrigued about not using any company to create website because the fees that they charged were too much, rather I wanted to create website all by myself. In this research for website builders I came across a short PDF file which stated guide and basics about website builders, this PDF was the turning point of my search, as here I found a website builder and hosting named BlueVoda. The best part was this website builder was 100% free. So, when I stepped into the world of BlueVoda I could realize that several people like me; who were struggling for their online presence could create website using this website builder.

First, I had to open my account at BlueVoda to create website. After opening the account, I was gifted with free tutorials, articles and videos which talked about how a person without the background of a website developer can create website seamlessly with the website builder. Through the given guidance there were various features that were understood, earlier the words such as hosting, server and WP themes which were almost like a jigsaw puzzle from me, now became a cakewalk. After understanding each and every part of the tutorials I decided to make my move.

I was confident on my part and started by logging into my account and making my way to the control panel to create website. The panel was pretty simple to understand, and it had various themes, options and buttons which were essential aspects of this website builder. The best thing here was, that the user never had to struggle with any type of HTML coding as everything was just done in a simple drag and drop module, nothing more than that to create website. Along with that, there were some exclusive categorized templates, where the major categories were business, portfolio, restaurant and e-commerce, these built in templates were just like a boon in disguise to create website. Further, I was even able to make the requisite changes in the template, so that they can have that extra personal touch for my site.

Soon after that I had to tackle the important part needed to create website, and that was pages. Here, I had to structure proper layouts with the right length and width of the page, thanks to the easy navigation of the website builder I could do it at an extreme ease. With that I even had to consider the text and images which will be a part of my website. Here, I just had to browse the images from my device and use them up for my site through the website builder; however BlueVoda even brings some exquisite optional images, and endless collection of fonts to create website. Then, since my website was a business site I had to pay clear attention towards the media plugins. The plugins at the website builder were superb too; there were four basic media plugins which were social buttons, video buttons, windows and QuickTime to create website. Through, the social buttons I was able to establish my site among my friends and co-workers.

Finally, I just had to optimize my page using the website builder to ensure that it has everything that I want my viewers to know about. For better traffic I had even incorporated the suited keywords, as mentioned in the tutorials of the website builder.  The hassle to create website was finally over, and now I run a successful business site, which is appreciated by everyone who is associated with it. All of this could only happen because of the help and support that I could get from BlueVoda’s website builder. The knowledge and the expertise that I have gained here, has given me the confidence to publish another site using the website builder offered by them.

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