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The B in the BlueVoda’s ABC to a quick and easy website stands for blessing. The BlueVoda website builder and VodaHost  is a true blessing to someone who needs help creating a website with no HTML formatting knowledge. In the past, it was impossible to make a difference in web page design unless you had taken classes at the local college on HTML or had been self-taught in the computer formatting. Without this knowledge you wouldn’t be able to work on website development and would either get a webmaster to do it for you or you would just do without a website.

BlueVoda is a blessing in even more ways then just being a help in creating a website- it is also a blessing through its enormous image library. BlueVoda gives its users thousands of choices when it comes to images and templates.

It all starts with the template. Your personal template will depend on what you are creating a website for. The template will also determine what the web page design will be for the rest of the website development. If you are creating a website in order to gain more business for your local running shoe store then you will choose an athletic/ running type of template. The website’s template will also serve as the base color that your web page design will take on. Whenever you ever decide to modify your website development you will look back at your template and web page design in order to make the changes.

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The second way that BlueVoda is a blessing through the VodaHost web hosting image library is its images themselves! Again it will depend on why you are creating a website to begin with for what images you use. If you have a coffee shop then you probably won’t be interested in pictures of running shoes. If you are creating a website for your own individual needs then you will have to determine what images you want to complement your site.

BlueVoda is a blessing to those who want to make great web page design because it takes you through the steps of choosing templates/ images- all without the need to know HTML formatting. Making create website web page design has never been easier!

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