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I realized that I needed to learn how to build a website when an earlier quote that I had obtained from a professional site builder ran into thousands of dollars. I had only wanted him to create website for my business that was basic,  but he insisted on adding a lot of features that I did not need.

The problem I had was that I did not know anything about HTML language or the first thing on how to create website. Through researching Google however, I discovered that I could use software to help learn how to build a website. One of the recommended software packages was BlueVoda site builder.

I was  apprehensive as BlueVoda site builder software was free to use, however the other software that I had used to try to create website bombarded me with adverts. I did not want this for my future readers however BlueVoda promised there would be none. I downloaded BlueVoda and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the How to build a website tutorials on their man site.

The tutorials covered everything from A to Z on how to create website. It really made the process of learning how to build a website seem like child’s play. They explained in depth all the features and abilities of the BlueVoda site builder software.

I bookmarked the how to build a website tutorials so I could play them as I was trying to create website. I also took a look at the BlueVoda forum and was amazed at the sites that other people had managed to build using BlueVoda site builder software.

create website

I was finally ready to start create website. I had a rough idea in my head of how I wanted it to look, and I opened the BlueVoda site builder user panel. It was  simple  to understand as everything was in a drag and drop system. I realized that I would not actually learn how to build a website as the user panel did everything for me.

Within the BlueVoda site builder software was a library that contained hundreds of templates, logos, backgrounds and headings. Create website was definitely free as I did not have to pay for the ones that I used. I also realized that this library was saving me much time as if I had learned how to build a website from scratch, I would still be sat there with a blank page.

By using the BlueVoda site builder, I was able to create website with four pages. This included a contact page, a list of my services, customer testimonials and the home page with images. I was so impressed with the result that I was sure anyone would think I had learned how to build a website from scratch.

After I had finished with the create website task, I was finally ready to publish it to the world wide web. There was no need for panic over this as the BlueVoda site builder tutorials explained how to do it within two clicks. Not only did they make the process of how to build a website easy, but they also took care of the publishing in an easy way as well.

Everyone who has seen my site today always says that a professional site builder did it. When I tell them that I used BlueVoda to create website, they are amazed and assume I learned how to build a website from scratch. I made my own site which also means that I stay in control of the advertising for my business. Thanks BlueVoda, for making it easy.

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