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A simple search on Google using the keywords website builder would yield over 30,900,000 results. That is a great deal of results. Then why is the BlueVoda website builder by far the best product in my opinion? When I planned to design website, I had the same question in my mind. In fact, I would ask several questions to myself like: is this a genuine website builder, will this website builder really guide me through the process of website creation and so on. Marketing gimmicks are used so freely these days that it becomes difficult to filter out the genuine products from the average ones. I was determined not to fall into the trap of some over hyped website builder.

I needed to design website for three purposes: establish an online identity, promote my products, and quench my thirst of understanding website creation as a part of e-commerce. I wanted my website to be special- replete with good themes, eye-catching looks, and user-friendly navigation. I was a little apprehensive about BlueVoda to design website that could fulfill all of these criteria. A demo of this website builder helped me understand how BlueVoda helps design website. Thereafter, I moved on to learning about the features of the BlueVoda website builder that made it stand out of the crowd for website creation.

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BlueVoda website builder was meant for all and not only for the HTML educated people! Perhaps, this website creation tool had eliminated the need to learn HTML to design website. The user manual of this website creation tool turned out to be an incredibly simple to understand, step-by-step guide. BlueVoda had features like hundreds of pre-designed website templates to help reduce the time for website creation. Latest websites now carry visually appealing factors like Flash, JavaScript and similar elements. BlueVoda website builder let me add these and many more elements during the website creation process.

I had earlier talked to some programmers for website creation, and it appeared that no programmer would work for less than 30$ an hour (for a week or two) to design website. Simple mathematical calculation suggested that in order to design website, I would have to spend thousands of dollars. And this was not a one-time investment. Every time, I would need something to be added/modified in my website, I would have to run behind a developer. In short, the whole website creation process would have cost me a lot of money, and lot of time. However, with the BlueVoda website builder, all these problems just disappeared. BlueVoda is the simplest of all website creation tools available today.

I learned how to design website in under an hour. Today, I can proudly claim that I can design website in as less as 30 minutes. BlueVoda is a fun tool to work with. It helped me learn and work at the same time. I made the right choice when I selected BlueVoda to design website. Else, I would have wasted a lot of money until now.

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