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BlueVoda is indeed the world’s best and most popular website builder. The reason for the popularity of this software is that there is no need of any HTML knowledge to use it. So, even a novice can use the software to create a website.

BlueVoda is a drag and drop website builder that is downloaded for free. However though free, the catch is that after you create a website, you have to pay for, and use the services of VodaHost which is a great web hosting and an affordable provider.

This means that you have to pay VodaHost to get your website published on the internet and that you can’t use another web host to host your website. However you receive a free domain registration when you pay for VodaHost hosting services and they offer many unlimited features.

BlueVoda is a website builder with a very user friendly interface that makes it easy to create a website. All you can select the best template, which they have hundred to select from to use in your website and drag and drop images to create your web pages.

Though it’s not difficult using BlueVoda to create a website, if you need help to create a website, all you have to do is use the help of its free online tutorials. To use these tutorials, you just have to start to create a website, and walk through the instructions offered in the tutorials.

You may have to be patient while using BlueVoda website builder as though they claim that you can create a website in half an hour, you will need some time to get familiar with the software. Once you are comfortable using the website builder you can use it to create a website of your choice. So be ready to spend more than half an hour to create a website.

Besides using the help of the tutorials to guide you while you create a website, you can also approach the support team of BlueVoda to clear any doubts you have. You can get in contact with their support team 24/7; this means someone is always there to help you with the website builder.

The website builder offers more than hundreds of pre-designed website templates to use for your website. In case you are not happy with the layout of the template, you just have to drag and drop its elements to make changes.

BlueVoda website builder is also popular amongst webmasters as you can create as many websites as you like, with as many pages as you want with it. In fact, even web designers prefer using BlueVoda website builder to create a website as they can get much more websites completed within a day. Instead of using HTML, this user friendly software is profitable to a web designer to use to design and create websites for their customers.

You don’t end up with a common website once you are done with BlueVoda. By integrating flash, forms, streaming media and much more, you can create a website that competes with just about any website on the internet.

If you are looking for an e-commerce website, the website builder also has various shopping carts, blogs, forums and affiliate tracking software and free email accounts you can use to create a website.

There are many important services that this website builder provides such as research, marketing or traffic building tools to use to create a profitable website in their web hosting. Through their forum you are able to communicate with other website owners, VodaHost Blog has many updated post on how to upgrade your website, and they also have SEO services to increase your traffic.

In a nutshell, BlueVoda is a website builder meant for use by both novice web designers and even the most experienced web designers. It is great for people who want to create numerous websites as quick and don’t actually have the time to master any software.

Even business people who want to create an internet presence, but don’t have the time to learn any software course find the website builder a great tool to use to create a website for their business.

BlueVoda is so easy to use; anyone can easily learn how to use this software. If you plan to make money with your site, mastering and using this website builder to create a website is just what you need.  And the support of their amazing team.

With BlueVoda and hosting with VodaHost you will learn insides of internet marketing and can invest in some separate traffic building services to boost your website. They even have an eBook “The Secrets to Promoting Your Website Online” for free. You cannot go wrong with BlueVoda website builder to build your website and VodaHost for all your hosting needs.

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