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I’ll be using this site builder for a long time to come

I spend a great deal of time working with BlueVoda; it’s an excellent create website solution, especially for the un-tech-savvy…

I needed a site builder. It should be easy on budget, yet fulfill all my requirements for the job to create website. I knew it was too much to ask for and especially when I knew nothing about how to build a website. When I started searching for the site builder, the difficulties were more than obvious. First and foremost, most of the site builder which are available are for those who know at least something about how to build a website. Each one promises to be whole unique software, but proves otherwise when one start to use them. Those which are good for the user are hard on the overall budget. Besides they have so many features and are clunky, taking up valuable computer resources. On the other hand the free ones are light weight, with no practical useful features that one really wants. BlueVoda is the perfect website creation tool offering full functionality to create professional websites; it is free and takes up a small space on your hard disk. They call it dream engineering.

This was a simple requirement for a project at that time when I knew nothing on how to build a website. I was left stranded without any possible solution. To create website, when I only knew HTML and nothing else was looming large on my mind. This was when I sat down to find a solution – a site builder that would help me in this regard. When I started to ask and read the review, BlueVoda was something that everyone recommended when there is greater constraint on one’s budget and time as well. There are various tools available in the market, which helps to create website with the knowledge of HTML, PHP, etc. What if I do not know how to build a website using these tools and I still need a site builder to create website?

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There is hardly any tool available for those who know less or nothing at all in terms of how to build a website. Those available are practically useless. However, BlueVoda site builder has all the necessary ingredients that one need to create website without knowing how to build a website. It has the videos explaining about the step on how to build a website. It has a support team that helps the user when they get stuck while creating website. There are online forums as well where experienced people offer tips. These videos on how to build a website are extremely easy to understand as well. Everything is arranged in accordance with the requirements of those who know no programming language or scripting to create website. The site builder also has the necessary ingredients of the amazing tool it claims to be. Unlimited number of web pages can be created. One can create websites that are simple as also multi-page websites can be created. Everything can be done easily. Even a shopping cart can be included. This, in my opinion, is one of the best and most valuable features.

Even when one does not know how to build a website, they can create website using the simple visual what you see is what you get interface with drag and drop features which lets you add text, video, movies, sound, flash and any other object to the page and then fine tune positioning for a perfect visually integrated look. This site builder is completely clean. The templates, header and footers are available for free and what is more can be customized to give an individual look to each website. After you create website it can be published in no time at all using the FTP which lets you upload to your domain hosted on VodaHost. This site builder is completely clean. One may not worry about downloading adware, spyware and other when one is on to the task of learning how to build a website.

One also may not worry about the compatibility. This site builder is compatible with different versions of windows OS. For me the search ended with BlueVoda and it is likely I will be using it for a long time to come. Hopefully BlueVoda will offer updated versions in future!

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