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Web site design is not for amateurs, this myth is what it is, just a myth. There was a time when web site design was a domain of a selected few and was considered a niche technical area which needed special expertise. Although, much has not changed today, it technology involved in web site design has been simplified to get your favorite web site design without any help of the web site design professionals. With things looking easier and inexpensive, it is a simple task today to design a website and get it live using a website maker.

Traditionally, web site design has always involved a swanky office with nerdy developers working way with their heads inside the display units. Well, web site design is not only about using intellectual capabilities but also about using it to get on to the internet, in the best manner possible by creating a website as per the web site design specified. Such web development companies are not only professional but also charge the sky to get a web site design up and going. Costs are high today because, to do a web site design the traditional way, an investment of many computers in addition to software like the html editor, image editor, FTP client etc are required. In fact, each of these terminals would have an investment of over $1500 over above the infrastructure costs, in the form of software. A web site design development company thus charges a high fee to develop a web site design to your liking. It may be anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more depending on requirement and the complexity of your web site design.

Let us consider the lower end of the spectrum. If you are a hobbyist, a home businessperson or run a small business, does it make investment sense to expend $500 on a simple web site design that you need? No, it is not. But, today since almost all businesses are vying for space on the internet since it is an additional promotion or sales channel that costs less than traditional advertising or selling channels, you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity, can you? With internet only slated to expand, you might as well have some part of it as of yesterday instead of tomorrow with a fantastic web site design. Now, what is the solution..?

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As, stated earlier, technology has been simplified and you can create your own web site design easily without being tech savvy or owning fancy computers and software. One way to achieve this is by using a website maker. A website maker can churn out a web site design of your liking in the quickest possible time, it you have the time to put it to use. One good option would be to use the BlueVoda website maker to create your own web site design. Why BlueVoda? BlueVoda website maker is completely free for life and you can use it again and again to create more web site designs without spending anything. Let us discuss more about this website maker.

BlueVoda website maker is a part of the VodaHost hosting package and is also offered free independent of the package. Also, you may think that since it is free, you may not be able to get good support, In fact BlueVoda offers aggressive support for the website maker since it is the key to their hosting business. This website maker is backed by complete documentation and online video tutorials that are easy to access, understand and implement. In fact, a person who does not have an experience in computing can check out the BlueVoda and can do a web site design in about a day. This website maker is that easy to use, once you get the hang of it. It is based on WYSIWIG (What You See IS What You Get) technology and work with mostly drag and drop menus and options. Thousands of web site templates, backgrounds, logos and graphics that are free to use further support the BlueVoda website maker and aid in creating a wonderful web site design. These web site design tools are available at the BlueVoda website itself.

Once you download the BlueVoda website maker and use it for a while, it will be very easy to see why it is simple. The menu options of this website maker are very detailed and self explanatory and the web site design that you are creating in its editor window is actually how the website will finally look like when it goes live. If you opt for the VodaHost hosting you can also use the control panel directly from the BlueVoda website maker. This website maker also has a built in FTP client that can upload your web site design files to the VodaHost hosting server using your account details. In fact, since we have been comparing costs, this complete and simple process costs only $7.99 a month along with the time you spent. Is this a better option than the $500 or more that you would have spent to get yourself a web site design?

There are a lot of website makers out there in the market which can churn out a decent web site design, but many of them are licensed only for a time period after you will need to pay some money to get the license. Also, many of these web site design software do not have as many features as the BlueVoda to create a web site design. A lot of such software also have an understanding with third party companies for which they offer great support, so if you choose to create a web site design with one of these, you may have to opt for their preferred partners to get further on other facilities concerning your website.

All in all, creating a web site design with BlueVoda can be fun and learning, an experience that no one else offers. Download BlueVoda and create your own web site design today.

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