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My name is Claude Noronha and I am a garment manufacturer and wanted to increase my business. I use to send all my latest designed garments all over the country through the old fashion way ‘mail’. As time went by I realized that I need to create a website for my business as the only way to be successful in this venture is through online business.

Due to the high cost of website builder software or a professional website builder I was unable to use them due to high financial cost.  My daughter Sonia had assisted me in finding the BlueVoda website builder to create a website absolutely free. I had just to download the installer from the website builder by myself and start to create a website by following the instructions and the video tutorials on how to build a website. It is very simple and easy and I believe that BlueVoda is a revolution website builder.

I found operating the BlueVoda website builder was so simple and fun and the best part was that no experience is required at all to create a website and you do not have to edit any source code. Just put the contents around the web page. The front end is the user’s interface which you view when using the program to create a website is just great as it is very easy to navigate.  It can be understood and is an invaluable tool for me because I create a website for my business all by myself without a lot of expenses. As an amateur, I was very successful to create a website that can be compared to any other professional website and I am sure that BlueVoda website builder is also invaluable for the professional website builder as well.

I installed the BlueVoda the website builder. And going through the website, I was really surprised and cannot believe that I had the opportunity to design and create a website from scratch all by myself. As an amateur to create a website this website builder had all the features I needed and I did not need to know any HTML. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I had designed a website and I learned how to build a website. I added videos, flash and animation pictures using the website builder in the process to create a website.

At first it was a tough job for me to search for a website builder who can teach me to create a website at economical rates. The best thing that attracted me towards BlueVoda website builder was that it in addition of clearing my doubts about how to build a website, it also allowed me to add in all the typical advanced programming that really helped me create my website to magnetize my clients very well. Now I know how to build a website and I use all the scripts and plug-ins to make the sites of my clients as competitive and attractive as the next guys. BlueVoda saves a lot of time and effort for creating a website; they are known to be the best in teaching someone how to build a website.

BlueVoda has its own features which are rich and dynamic to start learn how to build a website completely from a blank. So I am grateful to BlueVoda, the website builder and also recommending the same for every person who owns a home based business, because BlueVoda is a complete, thorough how to build a website package which is easy to operate. Besides, BlueVoda, their web hosting company VodaHost is an amazingly cheap web hosting provider that with its undisputable customer care service and support, has won the heart of millions, including me. They charge amazing rates and dragged me out of my biggest fear” How to build a website”. To create a website, it necessitated particular skills which are now fully present in me. At the same time I have always received a satisfactory response from BlueVoda as the technical support team here is courteous, knowledgeable and very active.

Earlier I believed that it’s difficult to create a website but it’s been one year now that I have been using this website builder. In fact, I was very confused about how to build a website as this was something next to impossible for me but when I met BlueVoda; my concern to use a website builder has totally changed. All my thanks to BlueVoda as it offered me with the coolest program out there to create a website. BlueVoda made me a website builder who is capable of doing a lot more than to just design my garments.

It seemed like a mountain to climb when I started with this job to create a website for my garment business. But since the day I met BlueVoda all my worries regarding how to build a website have just fluttered away. Let it be technical, customary or any other aspect, whenever I have asked BlueVoda to gather information, they have always met my expectations.  Therefore if you are also planning to initiate some work like this-create a website, and is confused about how to build a website then I advise you to switch to BlueVoda.

I was not into computers; all my designs for my garments were done on paper. So when it was time to create a website for my business I was very worried as I had no clue where to start to learn how to build a website. But with the efficient support of BlueVoda, I have become a well known designer now and my career is all set to earn money, success and fame in life. I can now create a website not only for myself but for others as well and that too in a short span. I am not a professional website builder but very close to it; I can create a website and offer it to my clients with excellent functionality. This would not have been possible with any other website builder who promises you to learn how to build a website. I also have recommended BlueVoda website builder to create a website to all my friends and colleagues and have also invited them to my house to see it with their own eyes on how to build a website with the blessings of BlueVoda.

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