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The Greatest Website Builder for Beginners

If you are a novice at building websites, you no longer need to have any programming knowledge to create a website. Of the many website builders available online, BlueVoda is one worth mentioning. This is a user friendly website builder that is meant especially for beginners as there is no need of any HTML knowledge to use the tool. You just have to drag and drop the different elements of a website to create one.

I really vouch for this website builder as I found it out of sheer luck, and am grateful for it. I had actually first bought some software for building websites, but was not comfortable with its instructions, and thus found it rather difficult to create a website using them. This website builder can be used to create a simple homepage to a website that has beautiful, multi-page websites.

So I started looking for easier alternatives as I was sure that there would be software available that would effectively help me create a website as I wanted. So it was while combing the net looking for tutorials to create colorful frames and tables for a professional looking website that I accidentally came across this website builder, BlueVoda.

I was really surprised at how easy it was to use this program. In fact, I could use this website builder to create beautiful, professional looking free websites within an hour. There are so many templates for me to choose from to make my website give competition to any other website created by a professional web designer.

I have to say that the 30 minute website creation that the website builder boasts about is actually not a hoax or anything as it is indeed possible to create a website within 30 minutes with this website builder. This is mainly, and only because you have to drag the different elements to create a website, while choosing from the hundreds of pre-designed templates and backgrounds offered by BlueVoda.

One factor that stands out about using BlueVoda to create a website is that I could practically draw my website out. In fact, it is so efficient to use this website builder to create a website that the website I have created loads within 5 seconds, complete with the many links, images and content on my site.

The buttons on the site are easy to use for adding all the necessary and special features to my website. The website builder also has additional features to use to create a website like a built-in spell checker to make sure your web content has no spelling mistakes, a link verifier that makes sure all your links are working and effective, and even a self-alignment tool that ensures there are no mistakes on your web page. There are also lots of tools, scripts and plug-ins that come with this website builder, which you can use to create a website that will definitely attract online visitors’ attention.

There is no chance of your finding it difficult or confusing to create a website using this website builder. This is because there are so many video tutorials teaching you how to handle and use the software to create a website. In case you still get confused while trying to create a website, there is also a full-fledged discussion forum. You just have to post your query on the forum and you will soon receive some communication and help from other BlueVoda users who want to help you out of your predicament.

The website builder is free as you need not pay anything to create a website using it. However to use BlueVoda website builder, you first have to pay for its sister concern and web host, VodaHost.

There however is a plus point here too as this charge is minimal, and as you already have a host ready to upload your completed website, you needn’t waste time looking for a reputable host for your website. Your hosting company is in fact waiting for you to create a website and use it.

Moreover, if you compare the web hosting cost with the cost of hiring a professional web designer to create a website for you, investing in this website builder really proves worthwhile. In addition to this, as you are in charge of your own site, you can make changes and updates whenever you wish without having to rely on a web designer.
Alternatively, you would have to pay your web designer every time you asked him/her to update the site. You may not even be satisfied with the result. So if you ask me, BlueVoda should be used by anyone who wants to quickly, and easily build websites.

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