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I am a writer and a couple of months ago (before I discovered the BlueVoda website builder), I got this idea to make my own website design which would help me in publishing my portfolio online. I had a small budget and in fact I was on the lookout for a piece of website builder software that would teach me how to build a website within my budget. It was here that I got stuck! Without the seemingly vital knowledge of website design or coding how could I take up such a task? Apart from writing I always wanted to learn how to build a website. I didn’t want to be a website builder pro by any means but just wanted to know how to build a website out of curiosity and that would also help me design my website design without spending too much.

So after trying out two online website builder sites I was about to give up the idea of building my own website design. Just then I came across the website at and believe me all my frustration of not being able to develop my own website vanished and I got my answer of to how to build a website.

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As you might have guessed by now BlueVoda is website builder software that works to help you create a website design from start (blank workspace) to finish (hosting the site on the internet). The BlueVoda software can be downloaded free of charge and shows you how to build a website in a matter of minutes. I also got a surprise when I came to know that I could develop an unlimited number of websites and that too without any knowledge of HTML or website design. Just imagine the possibilities! I can also publish my website to the internet by using the hosting service provided by BlueVoda. I will definitely teach my sister how to build a website using this magic wand. When you create a website design using BlueVoda you will know why I am calling it a magic wand.

I was wondering if this software had all the features needed to understand how to build a website. All my doubts were put to rest when I downloaded and installed the BlueVoda website design tool. This website builder is a dream come true for all those out there who want to learn how to build a website and at the same time think that becoming a website builder is perhaps not for them for whatever reason. I will tell you what all you get BlueVoda to help you create a striking website design.

When you download BlueVoda free of charge, you get lovely web page backgrounds, ready-made website designs, images, and forms too. I myself needed a Request a Quote form in my site and I found I could add it using this website builder without tearing my hair out. Apart from enabling one to learn how to build a website, you also getting one click website publishing and this website builder helps you to build a website without doing anything with HTML. You have the freedom to build the website in any way you like.

Believe me there cannot be another website builder that enlightens you as to how to build a website like BlueVoda does.

Thumbs up, then, to BlueVoda which has made my dream of designing my own website a reality. I feel I’ve made a chic site giving details of my content writing services. I am really happy with my achievement.

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