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This is how you design website that’s feature rich

I had heard of the BlueVoda but it never occurred to me to use it either for website creation or design website and I was surprised to hear that the famous website builder is already into its eleventh version, helping people more than ever to design website. You needn’t go to secure all the versions of BlueVoda the website builder for website creation. But if you happen to be a person who wants to design website on your own, it is better now than never.

The BlueVoda website builder installation kit is only 4.3 MB in size. The beauty of the program is that you can download it for free. You only need to pay for a web hosting account from the reputed website builder so that you can design website and do website creation. Presto! You have your own niche in the internet highway.

When you’ve completed installing BlueVoda you can do the website creation by customizing it as you like. Website creation using BlueVoda website builder is easy enough. You only got to design website by taking the BlueVoda menu bar and then dragging and dropping it until you have completed the website creation to your complete satisfaction. The same is true of every tool bar available with the BlueVoda website builder while you’re at it.

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You don’t need to know any programming to design website using BlueVoda website builder. Still to design website you should have some knowledge of the basics of website design as well as website creation. But it is not a hard thing to do because BlueVoda contains links to excellent video tutorials for gratis. Using these links anyone can design website and go for expert website creation.

BlueVoda website builder comes with a host of tool bars, seven in number. They are standard, align, extra tools and HTML and every one of them have their own options available. These will help you to customize your website further by adding as well as removing buttons as necessary for effective website creation.

If you want to add things like image rollovers, photo galleries, ad banner rotators and banners as you design website, you just have go to the ‘extra tools’ section. But the real pleasure of discovering this wonderful program than by making use of tool bars, is to click open the button video tutorials that you can find in the left hand corner of the BlueVoda website builder interface. The most amazing part of creating a website using BlueVoda is the series of templates that is available with the package.

But that’s not all. BlueVoda comes replete with Blue FTP, a FTP client that is totally free. It also boasts of features like a host of URLs, your own personal e-mail accounts and features like shopping carts etc. And what’s more, all these come at a cost that is surprisingly reasonable.

So if you want to design website as well as going for website creation on your own, look no further than the feature-rich BlueVoda the world famous website builder.

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