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This website builder is the perfect gift

The BlueVoda website builder has made my dream come true in that it taught me how to make a website. Father’s Day was coming up and I wanted to give my father a really good gift. My father, now retired, was a Lecturer in English Literature and he is very passionate about his subject. He is very fond of reading old books, old songs and old movies. John Keats, Kalidas & Mirza Ghalib are his favorite literary personalities. He feels a little lonely now and feels he cannot share his thoughts with anyone. I wanted help him get rid of this loneliness and this had became my biggest wish for Father’s Day. I had no idea how to do this, though, then while browsing the Internet, I suddenly got an idea: why not create website for my father. How to create website, though? I did not know how to make a website and I imagined that website designers are pretty costly to hire. The truth though is that I was not a website builder and how to make a website seemed to be a very technical affair.

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I was fumbling with how to make a website when I discovered BlueVoda and I must say I was stunned by the fantastic features of the BlueVoda website builder. BlueVoda provided so many features to help me create website without any hassles. BlueVoda website builder provided many great logos, templates and web page backgrounds free which can all be used to create website. With BlueVoda I could add various forms, streaming flash, scripts and plug-ins which could help me to generate website that was technically modern and good looking too. The best part was that the website builder provided these features free of cost to use to create website. Without any delay, I downloaded the BlueVoda website builder but despite the promise of automated features I was still nervous about how to make a website. If I didn’t know HTML or have the knowledge about any such thing, then how could I create website, I wondered. Luckily, with the BlueVoda website builder, how to make a website wasn’t a problem. The website builder provides tutorials to help you learn how to make a website and you can create website very easily in fact. So after studying how to make a website, I started my work. My father helped me with the content, though I didn’t tell him that it was to create website for him. The BlueVoda website builder opens up a blank work area and it was the BlueVoda website builder provided a drag and drop function that helped me to place the icons or whatever other text or images where I wanted them. I selected a beautiful template and completed the designing in a few hours. The BlueVoda customer care folks were there also to help me to create website. Then after taking up a web hosting account, the website was live on the Internet by the next morning.

I presented my father with the website on Father’s Day. He was immensely happy to see it and asked me to teach him how to manage it. Within a week, we started getting responses. My father could not believe there were so many people who shared his thoughts and feelings on literature. Gradually he became busy with his online friends. My friends were surprised and kept asking me how to make a website. I jokingly told them that how to make a website was not child’s play. I didn’t tell them that it was BlueVoda which helped me create website right away. Really, BlueVoda is great, it made my dream come true.

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