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If you are running any business at all, you undoubtedly know that you can use the Internet to promote your business interests. You may already be using the Internet for emailing and chatting with your friends and contacts. This is casual usage that does not require any special technical knowledge. You will undoubtedly need to build a website to host your business online. Then you will need it to be as professional as possible to create the best impression on the potential customer.
With your own website, the potential for your earning is virtually unlimited, and comes at a very low cost. Typically, your only costs are for hosting the website with the reliable hosting guys – VodaHost.

You may have a static website to promote your small-scale or home business consisting of a few HTML pages, or you can host a dynamic website that impresses upon visitors and sells them various products and services. Either way, when you want to build a website, you will need to design web pages.

Building web pages has always been time-consuming and difficult, not so any more. BlueVoda’s website builder is here to make your life a lot easier. You can create a basic website with few pages or an advanced website with professional-looking product pages and shopping carts using the user-friendly website design tool called BlueVoda.
To build a website, you may be thinking whether you need to hire a professional web design firm by paying big bucks. You may be surprised to know that you can save all that by choosing to do the site design yourself. At the most, you will only need some professional logos and graphics done from graphics designers, if you cannot do graphic design yourself.
Then it is all smooth sailing with BlueVoda. You can create the web pages that will make up your website using the familiar Windows point-and-click and drag-and-drop techniques. You can place images, videos, tables and forms all quite easily using the toolbars in BlueVoda.
You can capture the attention of your reader by writing captivating sales copy with bullet points, an effective use of fonts, colors and shading. Then you publish your copy as a web page from within BlueVoda. You can create as many pages as you need to promote all your products or services.

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There is no cost for downloading and using the BlueVoda website design tool. You simply have to visit the website, put in your email and you will get a download link to download the BlueVoda software. The download is only 5 MB in size.
To get you started, there are video tutorials available that you can watch to learn how to use BlueVoda. You can get productive within say three or four hours. If you already know website code like HTML or JavaScript you can skip the training and directly jump into creating your website.
BlueVoda offers you all the powerful features you may need when you create your own website. You can add any or all of the following to the pages of your website: guestbooks, ad rotators, forms, tables, videos, audio clips, banners, javascripts, ActiveX controls, Java applets, Flash files, QuickTime movies, and picture galleries.
The HTML code generated automatically by BlueVoda  is highly optimized for fast loading on visitors’ Internet browsers. You can customize the generated code to your liking, by right clicking on any object, and then choosing the “HTML Properties…” option.
You can create a shopping cart that allows payments through PayPal. The toolbar buttons in BlueVoda allows you to add these functions to your pages. Other advanced payment solutions can be installed by checking with VodaHost.You get friendly, personalized and timely help from VodaHost when you are working with BlueVoda, if you are stuck at any point of time.
Another advantage of using BlueVoda as your website design tool is that the code produced by BlueVoda is not bloated. It is highly optimized for all the browsers. If you have come across people using Frontpage/Expression Web/Dreamweaver for creating their websites, you will find that the code produced by them is full of junk and all that will lead to increased page loading times possibly irritating the customers.
You may want to know that BlueVoda has an active customer support forum comprised of other users who are using BlueVoda for their website design projects. The community is very helpful if at all you need some help using BlueVoda.
You get access to helpful HTML templates from within BlueVoda, all for free. You can use them if you are looking for quick and easy websites completed in short time periods.
Once you have created the web pages that will form part of your website, you can then use the built-in FTP manager to transfer the generated files to the hosting service provider, VodaHost. VodaHost’s web hosting plans are reliable and priced reasonably and they are well-known. They are an established business with several years of hosting experience behind them. Their technical support is helpful and easy to work with, if you need support at all.
In short, you will find BlueVoda as a very tempting FREE option to build a website for your business. By doing it yourself with BlueVoda, you get high fine-grained control over your website and you can design it exactly the way you want it to be. All this can be done without needing to spend big bucks for hiring third-party design services.
If you want professional logo design services BlueVoda can help you there too. They have a link in the BlueVoda resources page leading to professional paid logo design services. Or you can choose to use some free stock clipart or images available from the same BlueVoda resources page.
In short, to cash in on the money-earning potential of your website, you may need to put in some initial effort. However, the payoffs will be worth the efforts. By using BlueVoda you get the maximum possible outcomes from your web design efforts.

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