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Why use a website builder

I’ve been into selling health products ever since I started off as a door-to-door salesman in my 20’s. After almost two decades of doing business, and after much advice from colleagues, family and friends, I finally decided that it was time to create a website to help me with my sales.

As a seasoned businessman, I recognized that keeping up with the modern methods of marketing one’s goods is an essential part of commercial success. I was particularly drawn to the idea of having someone create a website for me, knowing that the Internet was the way to go if I were to connect with more people, especially the younger generation. So I checked out my options on how to create a website. I found out that I could either hire a website editor to handle the complexities of using website builder software or start taking lessons on how to create a website on my own.

Now folks, you can probably understand my dilemma at that time. For one, hiring a professional website editor to create a website would cost me a small fortune, given my available budget. And paying for and attending seminars on how to manipulate website builder software would also be expensive, not to mention stressful and time consuming on my part. All these things started to discourage me from pursuing my plan to create a website for my business.

But then a friend of mine who heard that I wanted to create a website introduced me to BlueVoda, telling me that it was THE website builder to use. Skeptic as I was, I decided to try this free website builder software out for myself. And I was definitely NOT disappointed!

Let me tell you about my experience with BlueVoda Website Builder. After downloading the software, I was able to create a website to help me advertise and sell my products to a greater number of people within several hours. Not months. Not weeks. Not days. Just hours. It was that fast and effortless! I also realized that one does not have to be tech and Internet savvy just to create a website.

One of BlueVoda Website Builder software’s strong points include the fact that it was FREE. All you have to do is download the BlueVoda program and install it properly to your desktop computer. No need to pay a huge sum of money to that website builder professional or pay for tiresome tutorials on how to create a website. Another point was that I didn’t have to be an expert on HTML web design knowledge just to use website builder software. This was thanks to the super easy “drag and drop” method of BlueVoda. What I wanted to put in my site, I just used my mouse to drag and drop it into the design. The web design tools of BlueVoda Website Builder software were that simplified. In addition, the BlueVoda Website Builder has an extensive image library of splendid pictures for you to use as well as a vast number of templates or web formats to choose from. Through these, I could add the perfect template, logos, images, etc., to create a website exactly to my preferences.

Besides all of that, I was able to watch some of the dozens of free BlueVoda Website Builder web hosting tutorials to help me create a website that suited my needs. Any questions I had were answered by those website professionals.

After some hours of putting together my business website and deciding that I was completely satisfied, I used the BlueVoda Website Builder software immediate publishing option to launch my site. And there it was. My very own website. Built on my own, for FREE, according to MY specifications. And when I need to update my site, I just use the BlueVoda software again.

Currently, my health product business has gained a bigger following, thanks to my choice to create a website through the best website builder software. With Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms, I am able to use my site as a springboard for meeting and building new business contacts and suppliers as well as advertise my products to a larger audience. That is why I will never regret that I chose to create a website with BlueVoda Website Builder software.

If you are aiming to create a website, regardless of what your purpose is, I would absolutely recommend BlueVoda Website Builder software. It’s the only website creating software that you will ever need.

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