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In our image library where you will be able to download hundreds of FREE logos, templates, webpage backgrounds and website headers. You will also have access to dozens of video tutorials that will cover every aspect of building and publishing a FANTASTIC website!

With BlueVoda you can create everything from a simple homepage to a beautiful multi-page website. If you ever get stuck or need any help our support team is just a mouse click away. Have Fun!

BlueVoda is a fully functional website builder and is 100% Completely Clean. There is NO Spyware or Adware inside of it. With BlueVoda you will be able build a fantastic website just like this one. A VodaHost web hosting account is required in order for you to publish.

 truly astonishing.

Jason_Kennedy, 20-Nov-2005 06:25:23 AM

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BlueVoda is worth knowing about!

I had no idea that to create website would be so simple. I thought that having videos and flash features on your site slows it down and causes all sorts of problems but I have not come across any. My site looks brilliant and I've done it myself. Quite proud of it actually! My wife still doesn't believe I did create website and is still asking me how much the website developer charged. I have a used car business and it has really benefitted from this website builder. Just thought I'd share because it’s worth knowing about!

GarlicBreath, 19-Nov 12:34:51 AM

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Particularly impressed by BlueVoda

In all honesty I never imagined that I could create website myself. Yet, I did it and I love it! BlueVoda just made it so simple and easy. They offer brilliant features to create website. I was particularly impressed with just how easy it is to maintain my website after it was published. Installing different payment methods such as PayPal on the website was a snap. I am a fully satisfied customer using this website builder, as I have been with this company for over 1 year now. I definitely recommend them if you want to design and create website that brings you money.

Kalinka2, 15-Nov 10:38:22 AM

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I created an awesome website!

My sister created her first website with BlueVoda a few years back and never stopped talking about them. I decided it was time to create website for my hair and nail salon. I was shocked that my sister was right, and that this website builder is really easy to handle. Even just some simple things like pictures, videos and different payment methods to add were so fast. Everyone really must try this website builder, and a great thing about it is you will not have to pay anything just to give it a try because it is free.

Since my level of computer skills are pretty pathetic, I just reviewed their tutorials to find out anything I could about how to create website. And guess what, I created an awesome website. All my customers just love it as they can make appointments online, order products and even get coupon deals that I offer.

I was really happy with their hosting too, as I did not have to search anywhere else; BlueVoda has everything you need in just 1 stop. Thanks Sis...

Tara1, 19-Sep 04:26:14 PM

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Love the templates!

I am not creative enough to jump in and just create website from scratch. I have taken full advantage of the templates in the BlueVoda website builder and my site looks excellent. From backgrounds to forms, I have added in what I needed. My site looks like a pro did it. This is my secret!

vangelis5, 06-Sep 09:48:37 PM

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Best Drag and Drop - EVER!

Does it get any easier? Thank you BlueVoda for the greatest website builder! I love the feel of the software and the constant support. This has been a pleasure to work with! My website is perfect! Exactly the way I envisioned it. I never thought I could create website.

DJDanny, 31-Aug 09:30:30 AM

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Just Love BlueVoda!

I spent 6 months tearing my hair out over my last website builder trying to create website. I was on the verge of hiring a professional website designer. Then I saw BlueVoda website builder. I downloaded it right away, since it was free and just played with it for a day. It was so simple and offered all the features I needed, that I dumped the hiring a pro idea and just started to create website again on my own. Ever since then, it's been smooth sailing. I take advantage of the customer support forum when I need to, but I can say that there is just no comparison.

bluevodaxtra, 01-Aug 08:29:02 AM

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Easy, Excellent and full of features

This WYSIWYG website builder rivals all other software on the market, whether they are full blown professional website design packages or other inexpensive do it yourself type programs. The BlueVoda website builder can challenge them all to a duo and will in just about every case, come out on top. Don't waste your time messing about with other software. Get your website built and online fast with BlueVoda. It leaves nothing to be desired. You will not lose time or money when you create website here.

Coolio10, 18-Jul 12:57:13 PM

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BlueVoda help me with job

BlueVoda website builder help me much. I don't know website design. I make website with BlueVoda very easy. I have website now and I very much happy.

linacre, 15-Jul 08:23:29 AM

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create website html

One website, two websites, three websites...

I just finished my first few website with BlueVoda; it has been an incredible experience. I am so excited and have to thank BlueVoda for this incredible website builder program. I have bragged to all my friends about my web design skills and they're really impressed. It didn't take very much effort though. Just a few hours with the website builder and I'd done it. This is fantastic. I actually am thinking about making another one or two websites now. Love It!

SuperCritic, 13-Jul 02:07:40 AM

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The Best and nothing but the Best!

One of my clients told me to check out a website he wanted me to mimic. It turned out to be a BlueVoda website. I was so impressed with the software and the website I saw before my eyes. It was free and so I was obligated to tell my client that he could actually build his site on his own if he wanted. Fortunately, I was still hired but I was able to create website so fast and exactly how he wanted it. This software is really impressive. I will continue to use it for my business and other clients as well.

Trevor1964, 12-Jul 01:29:34 PM

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Perfect; BlueVoda's exactly what I needed

BlueVoda was perfect for me. I watched all the video tutorials which gave me a clear vision on how to create website. All I had to do really was make the design decisions. There are so many great features with this website builder that I can just go on and on, but I really liked that they have so many different options available like website templates to select from and their one click publishing that lets your website go live in minutes. How cool is that... What also helped me to create an amazing website was the community forum, thanks guys.

What saved me even more money was that I used this website builder as desktop application which let me create website without even being connected to the internet so I could spend longer on the design process as I was not worried about the cost of my internet connection. Lots of savings just right there.

sockpirate, 06-Jul 06:36:46 PM

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Pros: I have been using website builders for years to create websites. I went all over the net trying to find tutorials on how to create those colorful frames or tables like excite, yahoo website builder, and other sites have that they input their news or links into. NO-SITE could tell me how to do it. My own arsenal of purchased software could not make it any easier for me. Then I came Across Little BlueVoda website builder. Sheer shock came across my face as I began to use this program and found that it could create beautiful image free websites with the colorful frames I liked in as little as one hour. One thing that stands out over any other piece of software I have used is the ability to freely create boxes or objects that the program doesn't turn into images that have to load. - almost like drawing your website out. I created a search engine for my city and it loads in under 5 seconds flat with links, weather reports, updated news and a few images. BlueVoda simply must be used to be truly appreciated. With every button press I was amazed at how easy it was to add any and everything I was trying to incorporate. If this program was a trial with a 226.5€ dollar sticker I would buy it! Nuff Said! - BlueVoda crushes all the competition with freeware ease. If you are even thinking of purchasing software - forget it, BlueVoda website builder has it.

Cons: the only con is that you actually think the program might suck but it doesn't.

etower464i, 27-Jun 08:29:33 AM

create website graphic designer html

Yipppeee and Hurrah! I have built a website!!

Pros:I have been looking for a website builder for weeks and I am so happy I found this - It actually works - Finally a piece of software that was built for humans! I managed to create website and I'm very happy.

SamLee, 10-Jun 09:01:55 AM

create website definition planning

Hats Off!

Pros: I've download 4 other free site builders today before I availed myself of the BlueVoda website builder and I must admit, I went into this download very negatively because the previous 4 downloads where pieces of junk; BlueVoda shocked me completely. This is a fantastic product that does exactly what it claims to do. It is provided by a web hosting company called VodaHost. I went to their site to check them out and was even more impressed. They have a support and help system like I have never seen before. I'm sometimes a little bit harsh in my critiques but this time I have no choice. This product is excellent.

DionTheTerrible, 30-May 01:54:15 AM

create website graphic designer html


Pros:I've used BlueVoda Website Builder time and time again to make some really outstanding websites templates. It's great for beginners and my best suggestion for someone who has just learned to create templates to use the BlueVoda coz it has great features and easy to use and freehand good tools and it has a good pre-made templates in it to select for your website... I had a hard time using the Website builders at first, tell you the truth I never got my templates as I wanted but by BlueVoda I got exactly what I wanted. Over all it's a nice Template Wizard from VodaHost to use and was very useful and easy.

femkhan, 28-May 12:39:08 PM

website web designer

Best website builder I ever used!

Pros: Easy to learn, magnificent to use (for beginners and pros alike). Whatever you might ask when creating a web page is there! No previous experience is required - no conversion effort (if you're used to other similar products).

Jack101, 28-May 03:32:31 AM

create website css cascading style sheet

Easy , nice tutorials , user friendly .I highly recommend it!!!

Pros: This is a drag and drop website builder easy to use; you can design your template without knowing how to use tables!!!! When I had any questions the forum and the tutorials helped me immediately. I really enjoy website building with this site builder even though I am very new. I am happy do not have to use a complicated html editor anymore to create website.

kiole, 28-May 02:24:25 AM

website with content

ANYBODY can use BlueVoda website builder

Pros: The interface is really easy to use because the buttons are all very clear. I hadn't used any website building software before and am not very html editor website maker computer-literate but I was able to build a page and publish it in about half an hour. I was able to build a page in a few minutes. I did have a question or two when I started building the first page and I the customer service people at VodaHost who can host your site for you got back to me within minutes and for one question even called me back on the telephone as soon as I submitted the question online. Great product!

Cons: Can't think of anything bad to say about it

MichaelDD, 27-May 05:09:45 AM

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Exactly what I was looking for!

Pros: Cannot say enough about this product. It's amazing, I have tried them all html, FrontPage, Dreamweaver website builder etc? I just could not get them to work. OK, maybe I am a bit of a blonde but I really love this product. They have an online community of other BlueVoda users for people like me to get help and ask question. I like the one click publishing.

Cons: The instructions are in English only. I am Polish. My husband cannot read the instructions. I have to translate.

Nat1959, 27-May 04:48:45 AM

website web design

The best website builder I have ever used!

Pros: BlueVoda is without a shadow of a doubt the best website builder that I have ever used. I am very busy person, I do not have the time to spend weeks or months mastering a piece of software. When I first looked at BlueVoda it claimed that you can build your website in 30 minutes. So, I decided to give it the test. Ok....It took me a couple of hours, but it was well worth it.

Mugabe, 29-Apr 11:14:20 PM


The BlueVoda website builder offers functionality

The BlueVoda website builder is a WYSIWYG website maker or "What You See Is What You Get" website maker. This fantastic website building tool offers easy to move components, templates, backgrounds and the ability to interact with software like PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro. The support offered to you when you create your own website with BlueVoda website builder is second to none. If you have any questions or if you need any assistance, the BlueVoda support forum, with thousands of members, is just a mouse click away.

One user using BlueVoda to create website had a very simple description of the process. "Cool." Another called it "the easiest website builder in the world" If users make unsolicited comments like that about the BlueVoda website builder, Imagine what the BlueVoda website builder can do for you. Trust me when I say: "Creating a website with the BlueVoda website builder is a pure labor of love."

Some skeptics have, of course, wondered why there is a need for the BlueVoda website builder in the world with all of the other website building tools on the market. It seems as though every software company out there has a website design program or site builder of some sort, and there are many website building companies. The simple answer to that question is that most people who want to create website are specialists in their area, but don't know a great deal about website building. And they are busy people who don't necessarily want or need to know. They just want to create website that works for their business. And they don't want to spend a fortune with a web design company to create website, they want to do it themselves, maintain control and make sure it is done right, the way they want and not the way some web editor thinks it should be done. They want, and they deserve control over their own creation. Most of these people are not satisfied with the web design done by supposed professionals. They know what they want, and need a website maker like BlueVoda website builder as a tool to do quality work on their own. BlueVoda website builder provides that web design tool.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #1

Sally decided to create website for her new accounting firm to gain more exposure. She had been an accountant for many years with another company and thought it was time to open her own. Sally knew that it is paramount to have your own website for your business, as everyone searches for everything through the internet. She started to get in contact with some professional website builders, but their prices were way out her budget. So she decided to search for a DIY website builder to create website even though she had very little knowledge of website design.

Her friends knew how she was toying with the proposition to create website with the help of a website builder but she was having no luck as they were just too complicated for her. Then one day her dear friend Jack suggested to her to use BlueVoda website builder to create website for her business. He shared his knowledge about this piece of software with her and explained how easy and simple it is to create website.

Sally was so relieved that she finally found a website builder that she claims was designed just for her. She started going through their website and viewing all the features that this website builder offers. She then drew up a plan of exactly what she wanted her website to entail, such as the design, her business services, news & events, a contact page, FAQ page and so on… But her main concern was that she wanted clients to find her website by searching the Internet.

She logged into the website builder forum and received loads of information on how to create website that is SEO friendly. There was information that she would have never known if it weren’t for this website builder.

Once she had completed her website plan, she just started to build up her website, one web page at a time. She would review each video tutorial on how to create website every step of the way in order to add photos, videos, a Blog, banners etc. She also took into account everything that she received about SEO information and added the proper titles, descriptions and most importantly she added the keywords within her website content.

Sally was so enthused that there was no need for any HTML jargon and was able to create website just by dragging and dropping different elements to the right place. When she finally published her website, she was overwhelmed with her accomplishment to create website for her business.

As time passed, Sally’s accounting firm grew each day with new clientele, not just local clients but throughout the nation as they located her website by searching and found her site on the 1st page of the major search engines.

Sally is still using BlueVoda website builder on a daily basis to update her blog content, and keeping up with any upgrades for her website. She later decided to include a service to create website for her clients, but of course using BlueVoda website builder.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #2

The opportunity to get a jump start on a starter business by establishing an electrifying online presence is an opportunity anyone would not want to pass up on. With the advent of cutting edge technology and user oriented website builder tools this can easily be made into a reality by any prospective entrepreneur. Read on to find out how BlueVoda website builder has helped in transforming thousands of businesses and lifestyles.

Miranda is a gifted dress designer who first started her entrepreneurship with a small dress boutique catering to a handpicked number of exclusive clients. However, with the enormous popularity she received for her spectacular designs and with her business acumen she soon realized that she had the potential, talent and the capacity to expand her business to serve a broader clientele than her loyal customers from the locality of her dress boutique.

After careful consideration of the options available to her, Miranda decided on the most cost and time effective option that would ultimately provide her with the biggest impact she desired. She needed a website builder to create website that would help her thrive. She needed to create website clearly and strongly depicting her signature style and quality of work while launching her clothes into the international fashion world at the same time. Despite not having any knowledge on how to design and create website, Miranda was adamant about doing this on her own as she wanted to add her personal touch and thereby assure her potential customers of her personal involvement in all sectors of the business.

She skipped the step of making contact with individual professional website builders who she knew would charge massive amounts of money and create website that would look more or less the same as hundreds of others operating similar dress design shops online. She wanted to create website which was unique only to her and branding would be a massive part of the site. She was on the verge of reverting to one of those expensive website builders as most of the DIY sites that she visited online implied that you had to have extensive HTML knowledge to create website. A day that began without much hope ended up being highly satisfying for Miranda, as she accidently came across the BlueVoda website builder page to create website.

This is unique website builder, especially catering to newcomers who haven’t the slightest idea how to create website. Miranda didn’t waste any time, she got straight to work with the BlueVoda website builder features and the step by step user friendly tutorials. It took Miranda less than two days to upload a stunning website with a distinctive signature of her unique style and impression. By the end of the month, web designing had become second nature to her and with the help of the BlueVoda website builder tools she had added flash animations, images and a dazzling video of her creations to her website.

Within two days she had added an online shopping cart integrating PayPal and other payment options. It did not take long before she started introducing new features like accessories to go with each dress, party gowns, maternity dress lines etc. She has really come such a long way since she was worrying about how to create website. For Miranda, the turning point in her business and her life was the discovery of BlueVoda website builder. It has helped her to create website that pulls in more visitors with each passing day and helps her become a sought after brand name in the industry.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #3

Alice had become very nervous at the very thought of how she was going to create website for her business. Her life changed drastically from the moment she came across BlueVoda website builder. After a short period of time, she was able to build a great looking website and carried on building quite a few actually.

BlueVoda website builder is one of the finest pieces of software out there because it helps one understand the main concepts of having a site. When it comes down to the basics of how to create website, there are various details that one has to know. Alice lacked the basic technical knowledge that is required when it comes to how to create website. Thankfully for Alice, BlueVoda website builder offers countless free templates that she was able select from and customize to her liking.

Alice really is not the kind of person that deals much with high technology. Yet, seeing her create her website with such joy like a child it was great. She actually spoke about BlueVoda website builder a great deal and kept mentioning all the features and gadgets available. It apparently is really fast as well. Alice was able to make create her website within a day; others can do it in half an hour as Alice was a true novice.

If you want to create website and not go through all the hassles of HTML, costs and spyware then BLUEVODA website builder is the best choice to make. Alice was going through exactly the same turmoil when she started her journey to create her website through other website builders. The moment she heard of the way BlueVoda website builder could be of help, she immediately made up her mind to create website using this amazing software.

Now Alice is sailing along and has found a new passion in the software; it’s hard to get her talking about anything else.

When you create website, there are so many things to consider. You have to think of what folder you are publishing to, what you are naming your pages; whether what you are doing will be helping you get a good ranking with the search engines and so much more. So, once again it is BlueVoda website builder that will be your savior. They help to create website and at the same time are always there if you have any questions or problems.

The templates can be customized depending on the need and theme of the business. Alice managed to make the most out of the features available by taking advantage of the themes and layouts offered. She was not only able to create website for her own business, but could make multiple websites under the same web hosting in a very short time span.

Although BlueVoda provides clear and detailed video tutorials on all aspects of how to create website, you may still have some issues. BlueVoda website builder has a support system that is more than willing to assist you in anything you may need. So, check out the different features and services provided by BlueVoda website builder and then create website in no time.

Alice could climb the ladder of professional success with the use of the BlueVoda website builder and she now smartly handles multiple websites and her business is booming. If you want to have your own online success story but do not know where to start from, then make sure your first step is with BlueVoda. It is definitely the best website builder when it comes to creating a website for bringing in sales.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #4

George wanted to start his own affiliate marketing business after he lost his job due to company layoffs. He had no idea how to create website or what kind of website builder he should opt for. He checked out the BlueVoda website which was recommended to him by a business associate. He was impressed with the simplicity of the language used and the fact that it was just so user-friendly.

He had tried to create website with many different kinds of website builder software available on the internet. But everything simply went over his head. If a website builder finally seems straight forward and easy to use they were lacking on some other level or service. Nothing seemed to be good enough. In fact, once he was trying to create website using another such product, his actual computer began having problems because of the specific software.

He wanted a website that would update his customers on multi level marketing and make him more accessible as a business. The BlueVoda website builder site is easy for just anyone who wants to create website and it is not necessary to have knowledge on HTML language or other similar technicalities. This website builder offers beautiful templates, ready to use forms, images and much more.

When George was in the process to create website he needed some expert guidance. For this he sought the assistance of the BlueVoda website builder team. The support staffs were very efficient and prompt when it came to responding. With BlueVoda website builder, George was able to create his dream website. He started with a simple homepage and was amazed to see how quick and easy the process was. Then he moved on to create website that would be an extension of his main website. He chose to create a beautiful multi-page website for his affiliate business.

The wonderfully functional BlueVoda is devoid of any malware and is fun to use. There is no worry of complicated functionalities. In fact, you just have to register with them and make an account. Once this is done, you can create website of your choice without much effort and enjoying every bit of it. The website builder helped George to market his business and make a good living because now he was able to publicize what he did without having to spend an insane amount of money. He was able to create website that was user-friendly and provided his clientele with all the information and details needed.

He then started to incorporate all sorts of gadgets in his website along with services using the website builder tools and features. The task of doing so became simpler with time, as he got accustomed to the simple guidelines and procedures to create website. George uses BlueVoda website builder even today to modify and update his websites. He also told his friends how he became immensely successful in his affiliate marketing business. He also shared with them the steps to create website using BlueVoda themselves.

With one click to publish and options to create unlimited websites, BlueVoda website builder helped George take his business to the next level. The best part is that all of this comes at a minimal cost and saves him time and hassle.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #5

Jasmine started her humble catering business after graduating from college. With a passion for cooking and flair for overseeing food preparation, she started considering her catering endeavors as something long-term. Realizing this, she decided to help expand her business by deciding to create website. In this day and age, more and more people are going online for all their needs, so why not advertise and operate using a business website? However, Jasmine knew that if she was to create website, there would certainly be a lot of things to consider. First and foremost was the budget. She knew that website builder software could cost her a great deal of money, not to mention the lessons she would have to pay for just to learn how to create website for her catering business. HTML web design knowledge on how to create website also seemed too complicated for her to grasp as she was not a techie person. But hiring a professional instead of using website builder software herself did not seem at all promising either. She would have to pay that person to create website for her and for doing additional updates afterwards. Not a very wise decision. Both options would also take up a lot of time. Jasmine wanted to create website without having to sacrifice too much time, money and effort. Then one day, as she was browsing the Internet, this young lady came upon reviews for the BlueVoda Website Builder. Little did she know just how big an impact this particular website builder software would have on her entrepreneurial plans!

Seeing that a lot of people were lauding BlueVoda Website Builder as THE fastest, most hassle-free way to create website for just about any kind of business or interest, Jasmine decided to give it a try. Just minutes after downloading the free BlueVoda Website Builder software to her PC at home, Jasmine was quickly using the amazingly easy yet highly useful tools included in the software package to create website of her dreams! By watching the free online video tutorials on how to maximize the use of the tools of the BlueVoda Website Builder, Jasmine did not have to take weeks to learn any complicated web design coding languages or struggle with difficult questions on web design to create website. Things were as easy as “drag and drop”; then edit and resize after choosing the right images and templates from the extensive visual media library provided by the BlueVoda Website Builder. After being satisfied with her design, Jasmine was even able to publish her site on the very same day she took her first steps to create website! With BlueVoda Website Builder, one click publishing put Jasmine’s website on the internet in an instant.

Jasmine is now happy with her catering business’s extension online, thanks to BlueVoda Website Builder. Creating a website should always be as easy and cost-free as Jasmine’s experience!


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #6

Mr. Henry owns a sporting goods store. He has been doing quite well because he is really innovative and resourceful. He knows how to target his market out in the tangible world. But with everyone (including all his competitors) now having online exposure for their businesses, he felt he was being left behind.

Mr. Henry is a really ambitious person and desire him to expand his business made him want to take the online plunge and create website. Since he had no knowledge on web designing and the use of script language, he sought help from reputable web designers. After all, without any clues and cues, it is simply impossible to create website for a layman like Mr. Henry. While he searched online he came across many different website builders available on the net but he was reluctant to try things out all by himself. This led Mr. Henry to ask his neighbor, Nelson for help, who happens to own a computer store.

Nelson offered him the simplest solution so that he could create website easily for his business. Mr. Henry was not acquainted with all the nooks and crannies to designing a website. The solution that was offered involved a brilliant website builder. It was ideal for a personality like Mr. Henry. The name of the website builder is BlueVoda. The cost effective software is convenient to use as well as apply. The reason is because the website builder includes an easy layout of step by step instructions. According to Nelson, one just needs to follow the set of free video tutorials and in no time, he will be able to create website.

Well, there is no reason to mistrust Nelson’s suggestion regarding the efficacy of the website builder. Nelson also chose to use BlueVoda after a friend’s recommendation, and he now has an online business because of it. All these personal recommendations to use the specific website builder are definitely for good reason. Nelson explained to Mr. Henry how BlueVoda website builder leads to the creation of web pages and sites of multiple varieties. It is often believed that in order to create website, you need to muster the chits and tricks of designing, but things are much simpler with this software.

Most individuals assume that in order to create website you must take certain classes to learn web designing and scripts. This is not the case with BlueVoda, one can create website with no knowledge of HTML at all. This was proven to Mr. Henry as Nelson showed him how this website builder functions. BlueVoda made it so enjoyable to create website that Mr. Henry was quite surprised at how professional website looked when it was completed.

Besides the fact that all you need to do is download it for free, all the website builder needs is that you simply drag and drop desired elements onto the page. Whether you want to create website or a startup homepage, everything is facilitated with the help of this website builder.

The package comes well equipped with an image library and template choices. All the options can be extensively customized to suit all styles. Mr. Henry was further instructed on the ways to download logos and backgrounds for free. What really helped was that whatever he needed, he could submit a support ticket and one of the staff members would get back to him in minutes. They actually even gave him really good advice about the design of his website in one of the design forums. I am pretty sure Mr. Henry is going to continue to promote BlueVoda to create website just like Nelson did.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #7

Lindsay had for a long time wanted to create website to promote and share her collection of short stories and poems. She had written these stories in her spare time around her primary school teaching job. She had an enormous talent for writing witty, entertaining and lively stories and they were very popular among her friends, colleagues and family members who were lucky to have been given the chance to read them. One of her friends suggested that she should create website containing her wonderful collection where loads of other readers from all over the world can have access, download and enjoy her writing. Lindsay took her friend’s advice and began her search for an effective website builder that would help her create website reflecting her enthusiasm, punch and pleasure in writing. However, for Lindsay this was not an easy task as she had no experience on how to create website. She knew next to nothing about website builder tools and have never tackled any of the complex software like HTML editor. The same friend who encouraged her to create website introduced Lindsay to the BlueVoda website builder right before she was about to spend her hard earned savings to pay for the services of an expensive professional website designer.

Having gone through the step by step tutorials, Lindsay decided to join the BlueVoda website builder forum so that she could have a constructive conversation with others who have already experienced the benefits of this simple and easy to use website builder. Within the next few weeks, Lindsay started mastering the simple techniques of creating a website with the aid of BlueVoda website builder. She not only managed to upload a fantastic collection of poems and short stories to her website but enhanced its impact by integrating more value with sensational animations and images that made her stories come alive for her readers.

Though this could be just another run of the mill story you may have heard or read about, you should not ignore the underlying core of this sequence of events. What began as a mere pastime for Lindsay turned out to be a thriving, fulfilling and full-time enterprise all because she decided to create website. It turned out to be a highly popular website which is attracting more and more visitors with each passing day. Lindsay was not discouraged by her lack of experience or knowledge on how to create website or how to use the complex website builder tools. With the help of the BlueVoda website builder she was able to create website with easy to use features. She found it was not necessary to spend endless time poring over technical jargon. Moreover, she was thrilled at the prospect of massive cost savings and the opportunity to create website with her personal mark on it.

It’s not just Lindsay who has come a long way, transforming their lifestyles, adding to their success and making a fulfilling career all thanks to simple and easy to follow website builder software like BlueVoda. With each inspirational note she receives from her now rapidly expanding fan base, Lindsay sends a special thank you to BlueVoda website builder for helping her create website that would make such a positive impact on her life.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #8

BlueVoda is an outstanding piece of software designed to be used by anyone who wants to create website. Having prior knowledge on how to create website is not necessary with this software and this alone makes it the easiest way to create website. Joanna, a boutique owner, found BlueVoda to be the best program available to create website! Joanna used BlueVoda website builder to create website and said that she was done with the task in just within the hour. Additionally, she could make the required updates to her website whenever she pleased.

After talking to Joanna, I found out that by using BlueVoda, she tripled the income generated from her business after going online. She wanted to create website in order to be able to illustrate every piece of item and services that she was offering. She would not have been able to create website if she had to have HTML knowledge. That’s not all though, she was also able to save a great deal of money by using this website builder because she did not have to hire the services of a professional web designer.

What makes this website builder the best available:

* It is a drag & drop website builder, there is no need for any HTML web design knowledge.
* You can create limitless web pages with the help of pre-designed templates.
* One can go live on the net in a few seconds with the “One Click Publishing” feature.
* There is no limit to the number of websites you can create.
* It allows your imagination to go wild.

BlueVoda website builder is fantastic. The websites designed through BlueVoda website builder have the capability of looking really professional and highly well designed. They are 100% clean, free from Adware and Spyware. BlueVoda website builder enabled Joanna to create website that is efficient, functional and effective. Joanna received designing advice and tips on the main site of the website builder. The image library helped her to select from numerous free templates, logos, website headers, and website backgrounds. Additionally, Joanna had access to numerous video tutorials which cover every single one of the aspects of building as well as publishing an amazing website.

It is really worth giving this website builder a go and since it is for free, you have the ability to test it out as much as you want. The influential support team of web designing experts at BlueVoda are always at your service to provide you with any help you may need if you get stuck anywhere in the process. BlueVoda users are exceedingly satisfied for its effective, efficient, friendly, plus completely affordable services.

This website builder also has three reseller hosting packages available to its clients. All the available packages, i.e. gold, silver and diamond allow you to make money by being your own hosting company. Your customers will not even know that you are a reseller. Most of the users have confirmed BlueVoda website builder to be one of the trusted choices if you want to create website of your own. Above all, BlueVoda website builder helps save ample time and headache while giving you the easy option to create website.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #9

Mindy is an excellent baker and loves her job. When she started getting too many orders she felt it would be a good idea to start her own bakery outlet. She also wanted to have a website of her bakery shop. However, almost every website builder she came across either charged too much money or demanded a great deal of her time. She was short on both! She wanted to create website, but had no technical expertise or knowledge on how to do so.

She had almost given up on her choices, when a friend recommended she try BlueVoda. Her friend told her that the website builder has multiple free templates available and the entire process is very simple. Mindy wondered if she would be able to create website with no HTML or web design knowledge. But going through the site she realized that it was actually surprisingly user-friendly. All that she had to do was drag and drop various website elements, as per the given instructions.

The website builder has the provision for pre designed website templates included. Using these, Mindy was able to create a number of web pages, without trying too hard or hiring the services of some professional to create website. The templates are so professional looking that nobody could ever tell the difference. The software also offers a variety of other services:

* BlueVoda offers a complete library of web elements to help create website. There are great templates, logos and much more. There are also video tutorials on the website builder that makes using it as easy as 1-2-3.
* This website builder also has ready-to-use forms to create website with ecommerce functionality. Also, there are no restrictions and one can go for more than one website.
* The website builder gave Mindy absolute freedom to create website as per her own imagination. You can customize every aspect as you wish and to your liking.
* For complete novices wanting to create website, the website builder provides 24/7 email support. The staff is really friendly and answers in a simple, efficient and to the point manner.
* Also, there is the option of "One Click Publishing" to create website which ensures your site goes live within seconds. This is not something that she could have got with professional designers.

Mindy loved using this website builder service to create website of her bakery shop because it was easy to use and had no problem of malware or spyware. She also knew that she could just go and update her site herself without having to rely on someone else. With a website builder like BlueVoda, Mindy was able to create website that she loved and so did her customers! Using this website builder is great fun. This website building tool worked well for her as she could create a great looking and professional website for her online business.


BlueVoda Website Builder Case Study #10

Leroy is what you would call a traditional artist, always thinking more about creating his masterpieces rather than profiting from them. So it totally caught him off guard when more and more patrons asked to see and buy more of his artwork. Now Leroy was faced with a dilemma. On one hand, he was doing the one thing he loved to do most – paint. On the other hand, he also had to step things up so he could pay for his studio and the materials he used for his work.

His close friends began advising him to be wiser with his newfound fame and gradually increasing fortune. They began asking him to create website to help make his artwork reach more people and potential buyers. That’s when Leroy decided to get things done by trying to learn how to use website builder software so that he could create website for his needs. Fortunately, Leroy’s business-minded cousin, George, recommended BlueVoda website builder before he could buy any expensive website builder software or enroll in any web design workshops.

“What’s different about this website builder software from all the others?” Leroy asked. His cousin George just smiled and told him, “It’s the easiest way for you to create website without having to spend time trying to learn complicated web design stuff, Leroy. And the best part of it is that it’s FREE!”

So taking his cousin’s word for it, Leroy downloaded BlueVoda website builder on to his PC and prepared himself for the worst. He was initially afraid that he would not be able to understand how to create website since he was inexperienced with web design. But he was shocked to find out how simple it was to use the BlueVoda website builder software to create website. The instructions and the help he got from the free website builder tutorial videos allowed him to create website without any trouble at all. The tools for web design were so easy to manipulate and included an extensive library of images as well as templates for Leroy to choose from. In a matter of minutes, he was on the way to creating his very own website through a user-friendly website builder. Leroy finally realized that he didn’t need the help of web design professionals nor did he have to learn complex website builder techniques just to create website. In fact, he was able to create website and publish it with a click of his mouse after just a few hours of designing it using BlueVoda website builder.

With this piece of software, Leroy was able to create website with unlimited web pages. He was also free to edit his previous work without having to resort to paying web design professionals to do it for him. Leroy now has the website that he needs to help showcase his work as an artist! You can create website for free too. Try BlueVoda today and see just how easy and cost-efficient this software can be!


Your first website building experience.

If you’ve always wanted to create website, but you thought it would be difficult and annoying, BlueVoda will prove you wrong! Unlike other website builders, BlueVoda's website building software is user-friendly and fun!


Why should you use BlueVoda to create your own website?

That is a question that many people ask themselves. Of course these days it seems as though everyone has a website, individuals and businesses. In today’s business climate all businesses can benefit from having a website. Many people in fact no longer use a telephone book when they wish to find information on a business. Instead they put the name of the business into a search engine and look for the company website.


Why the BlueVoda website maker has gained such global prominence?

Today is the age of technology. Millions and millions of people worldwide turn on their computers and connect to the internet on a daily basis. Years ago, this was only true of a select few computer-savvy geniuses, however, times have changed. Currently nearly any person young or old can become internet friendly.


The perfect web editor for your website.

Web editors, otherwise known as web page editors, are the people that are known to create efficient, fluent websites for small businesses, large corporations and individuals. Website development usually starts with the web editor and any changes occurring on the website go through the web editor first. A web editor can help a business market themselves on a global scale with website building techniques.


Web design is fun and easy with the Bluevoda website builder.

Website building can be a tough process for those of us who don’t have a great relationship with their computer. Believe me, there are plenty of people out there who don’t know a mouse from a monitor, let along C++ coding from HTML coding. However, BlueVoda is that will help you create website easily and without any prior knowledge of HTML.


Why you will love the BlueVoda site builder.

The Net will very soon be even more crowded because of the BlueVoda site builder. It is easy to build a website nowadays. With BlueVoda site builder anyone can do it in 30-60 minutes flat. Surprised? I am willing to wager that with BlueVoda site builder even if you are a total novice, you cannot take more than 45 minutes to make even the most complex website designs. The BlueVoda create website builder is engineered to work almost by itself.


Does Your Business Really Need a Website?

It’s not expensive to create website. Sure, the guy down the block might have spends hundreds, maybe even thousands to have his website designed by a “web design guru.” In less than an hour you can feel pity for that guy. After you easily create website with a sitemap for free, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about. Who says that website building has to be difficult, time consuming, and expensive? Certainly not us.


A good description of BlueVoda website builder

BlueVoda Web site builder is a program you can use to build your web site and directly publish it on your registered domain. You do not need to learn any code; all you need is to know how to operate computer and how to use the internet. With Bluevoda, it is now very easy to create a web site. Individuals that are new to web site building can use Bluevoda for free, yes it is 100% free. The BlueVoda website builder will save your time and work.


Do you need to have interesting web page design for your business?

It has been found out that the average website owner has only two minutes to make the first and best impression to the first time online visitor. It is during these two minutes that the visitor decides on the professionalism and ability of your product or company in what they are looking for. This is why it is very necessary and important to put lots of thought to create website with informative material, and web page design that are interesting and attractive.