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Hi, I am Andy and I am a real estate agent for the past 15 years. In recent times, there has been a transformation in the real estate industry, thanks to the advent of Internet as an e-commerce hosting tool.  The conventional approach of home buyers contacting the real estate agents who then arrange for their home viewing as per their requisition is no longer the first step involved in home buying. With the internet entering into each and every household worldwide, it has become one of the best qualified and commonly used platform for the real estate presentations.  With this changing real estate scenario, there was an urgent need for me to create website in order to establish an internet presence. I was far back in the competition because I had no personal website to present to my clients. Therefore I needed to create website that would serve as my marketing tool. It was only because of BlueVoda website builder that I was able to create website which helped me generate enormous business.

Today, with the available flexibility and convenience to house hunter, real agents such as me are no more the client’s first contact. Huge real estate websites generally categorize all the available properties as per the area of their availability and accordingly represent them on their website with a combination of good photos, written information and also some videos. The home buyer thus does his initial research, sitting within the comforts of his home. He has the flexibility to select the range of houses for viewing which can be further arranged by the real estate agents for home visits. Now, if the customer is browsing through different homes and if he finds an interesting house, he would want to view it, he would look out for the agent’s details. It thus becomes necessary that the listing is clickable that takes the customer to the agent’s personal website page. Otherwise the customer may seek the help from his local realtor who would step in to earn the profit.  Lately I had been losing many of my clients in this manner. I thus realized the importance of web presence and the need to create website. But the problem was how do I go about it. On asking few of my realtor friends, I realised I had to hire a website designer. Hiring a website designer seemed a tedious task so; I started looking out for alternatives. It was then that I came across this phenomenal website builder that allowed me to create website without any prior technical knowledge. I started by choosing over from various professionally designed web templates. The web templates provided by this amazing website builder consisted of an endless list that catered to suit wide array of business requirements. I was really impressed with exceptional quality and quantity of the template available in the website builder. I was able to create website by further customizing these templates with the help of a design editor. This was indeed an interesting task!

The interesting fact about the BlueVoda website builder was that it allowed me to create website by allowing me to customize as per my choices and requirements. I could do all this without any understanding of HTML, CSS or other programming languages involved.
This website builder is extremely easy to use as anybody can create website with their simple step-by-step process. I just loved the simple Point-and-Click feature of the Website builder. It’s extremely user-friendly interface allowed me to create website in absolutely no time. Within 4-5 hours, I could create website that was my own and the amazing part was I could host it only with a single click.

With so many pre-designed web templates to choose from, I was able to create website with multi-pages. There was no restriction at all. Other than the web-templates, this website builder also offered myriad free logos, templates, website headers and also webpage backgrounds that help me to create website that was mind blowing.
Not only but this fantastic website builder provided access to numerous video tutorials that covered detailed web building aspects which helped me enormously in effectively utilizing this website builder to create website that was not less than a masterpiece.

Today, thanks to BlueVoda website builder, I not only have an increased customer base but have also been able to sustain my old clients who recommend me to their friends and relatives. If it wasn’t for such a simple and easy-to-use website builder, I wouldn’t have been able to create website for my real estate business! Another fascination aspect of this website builder is that it is absolutely clean. BlueVoda website builder is free from any Spyware and Adware. This helped me immensely to create website that was absolutely clean! I would also like to talk about immense customer support that I received from the team offering website builder.

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