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I being a writer was never ever in favour of promoting my work on a personal website. This was mainly because I was not too keen on getting into the hassle of hiring a website designer, create website and then maintain it on a regular basis. All this seemed too much of a task for me. I solely wanted to concentrate on writing. However, in today’s technological driven world, with the internet being a part of ever individual’s life, I realized, I was way behind in the competition. This was not because of my inability to write well but was because of my inability to accept the fast paced change in the technological trend. It was only when I didn’t have many projects in hand that I started analyzing the problem, I was facing. It didn’t take much time to realize that I needed to create website to showcase my work. So there I was, back to square one looking out for the best website designer who would design an awesome website to present all my work in simple and neat categorization.

It was during my research that I came across a website builder called BlueVoda. A website builder that allows you to create website on your own and that too in the minimum possible time! This sounded interesting but at the same time I was little sceptical about it too. I hadn’t heard of something like this before. Nor did I know anything about how to create website with the help of a website builder. However, I decided to give it a try.

This unique website builder provided me with variety of templates and web page images which allowed me to create website that was immensely beautiful and outstanding. Now that I had actually decided to invest my time and money in the website builder, I wanted to create website that served as a virtual front door for my writing business. I wanted to utilize this website builder to create website that will be a centralized place for highlighting my writing capabilities. I wanted to share my work with the world, create a contact Information page and a service page for others to hire me.

We writers write in a variety of places; locally, digitally on the Internet and even in the print form. This way our work is scattered across various platforms, amidst different formats in various publications, multiple websites and blogs. I wanted to create website that would be able to pull all my work together in one place in neatly categorized sections, making it easier for my prospective clients to know about me, my work and my capabilities. This unique and outstanding website builder allowed me to create website just the way I wanted.  Its user friendly features made it easy for me to select the layout I liked only with a single click. Actually, I got so lost in creating a website that I forgot I was a writer. For once, I wanted to be a website designer. This splendid website builder was so much fun that I wanted to try out all the templates and check out how good it looked for my website, but couldn’t do so because of the time constraint.

So, even without any prior knowledge of HTML or other programming language, I was able to create website with this website builder. I must say BlueVoda is indeed an amazing website builder that allowed me to create website that served as an effective marketing tool to promote my writing skills and abilities. With their simple drag-and-drop feature, I was able to create website consisting of multiple pages, one of which depicted the associations I belonged to, other contained the list of writing services, I offered to my clients.

The best thing I liked about the BlueVoda website builder was that I was able to create website that could capture the contact information of my loyal readers which made it easier for me to get in touch with them for mailing self-promotional marketing tools such as blogs, email newsletters, etc.

If you too are planning to create website for your business, I would personally recommend BlueVoda website builder because of its extremely user friendly and easy-to-use interface. It is so convenient to create website with this extra ordinarily simple website builder that anybody can easily create a master piece in very little time and no one would even know that it is not a professional task. It has been just six months, since the time I have created a website, but today I am extremely busy with multiple offers. The work offer keeps pouring in through my website. It is only because of BlueVoda website builder that today, I do not have to keep looking out for work. The only thing I do is update my latest work onto my website from time-to-time. My clients love it and offer me to work for them. Many of them have even complemented me for the extremely beautiful website of mine. Today I am more than thrilled to be a part of the latest technological trend and this wouldn’t have been possible without the BlueVoda website builder.

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