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We all are aware of challenges posed by the media and communication industry. No routine shifts, excessive workload during major events and no personal life. On the top of it, no job security is the major turn-off factor.  Irritated and depressed from my career, I decided to quit the line. It was a strong willed step. Instead of spending number of years in media without any significant growth, I decided to set up own business and bringing my mother in loop. She is an excellent painter and artist. So the idea was that she was in charge of all art-related material and I would be handling the PR.

I decided to promote her talent and the best way was internet. Internet is the best way of promoting and marketing these days. I decided to create website for my business and to serve the purpose, I required a website designer who can offer qualitative and on-time services to create website. Through social media sites, I hired him to create website that can be easily navigable, full of power features and must have high speed loading.

The website designer would sit beside me listening to my requirements. He sketched a rough outline to create website and showed me. The rough draft was fine but when I saw the original picture I was quite disappointed with the layout. I told my website developer to improvise it and correct the color combination used to design the website. My mother being an artist assisted him to create website but all our efforts were going in vain. We later realized that he did not have information and knowledge necessary to create website.

While I was delivering concerns to my cousin, he suggested to me a website builder ‘BlueVoda’. He was told that BlueVoda is reliable website builder and possess extreme technological knowledge regarding web development to create website. He told me that that BlueVoda has a team of highly professional website builders having an ability to create website that can withstand stiff competition in the market.

Without wasting even a fraction of second, I approached BlueVoda website builder. First I was quite suspicious about it but when I saw their professionalism and dedication, I knew I made a right choice.

BlueVoda website builder enables you to create website in just 30 minutes. The best part about it is a non-technical person can easily learn to design a website by availing to services of this website builder. Understanding programming languages, CMS software, PHP development and more is difficult for a non-professional like me, but BlueVoda website builder and its hosting services helped me to create website in few days.

Working with BlueVoda website builder to design a website was a breeze. The commendable features of this website builder such as pre-designed website templates and one-click publishing enables you to create website that is appealing, crowd puller and user-friendly.

Using such features, I got a first look of my website which was far better than the one I came across earlier. All thanks to BlueVoda that facilitated the entire process to create website for my business. Soon my website was functional.

Then my plan was to sell paintings and art pieces my mother designed herself. I planned to incorporate a selling section in my website. I logged into BlueVoda again. And I was surprised to see that there was so much ease in adding a new feature, blog to my website through this website builder. Just few clicks and you create website that is updated consistently. I was fortunate enough to find BlueVoda to design a website. Now whenever someone asks me to suggest any names of a good website builder, my list starts with BlueVoda. It offers hosting service FTP which helps you making your website more visible at a meager fee.

The best part about this website builder is their responsive nature. They engage themselves with the owner to create website. If you have any query, just post your question online on the site and they will answer it immediately. It seems like you are designing a website under round the clock guidance of a professional website builder sitting next to you. You can create a multitude of websites with BlueVoda website builder as there is no restriction to your creativity here. All you need to do is visiting the site, clicking on ‘Email me the download link’ and downloading the software to create website.

My experience working with BlueVoda was commendable. They made it so easy. Today I am running a successful business online. All thanks to BlueVoda website builder.

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