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I would truly rate BlueVoda as the world’s best website builder to create website. BlueVoda website builder is the easiest tool to create website and the website maker takes no time to create website. The Cricket World Cup Fever was at its peak. 14 nations were involved in the biggest extravaganza of the game of Cricket. Millions of fans were praying for the success of their country. Everybody was preparing to watch the biggest spectacle. My friends and I were also super excited and had great plans to watch the matches.

Amidst such passion I got a great idea. Cricket or any other game becomes all the more enjoyable when you watch it with a group of people. So we thought about arranging the screening of the matches. This would give us company and we would also add some extra bucks to our pocket money.  I had a house which was vacant so we decided to take it as the venue and a friend volunteered to bring a projector and screen. So the stage was set but the problem was –publicity. Distributing pamphlets was a very old way and takes too much time also and by word of mouth we knew we would not be able to cover many people. My friends said that Internet was the best way of publicity. They asked me to create website and make an announcement about the screening.

Well, you know I am not one of those who would bear this ordeal of sitting for long hours to create website. I am more of an athlete. I don’t like sitting at home! But what to do my friends are the same way. They said that this was my idea after all and so it was my responsibility. But I did not know how to create website and we did not want to hire a website maker to create website as they are too expensive. But we wanted a website anyhow so I searched the Internet and found that automated website builder helps you to create website. I tried the website builder but they were so complicated. My friends were disappointed.  But I kept on searching as this was the best way! Then I came across BlueVoda website builder and I decided to check out this website maker. BlueVoda website builder had free of cost Logos, Web Page Backgrounds and Templates. The best thing was that BlueVoda website maker was absolutely free to create website. BlueVoda website maker also had the option to insert streaming flash and plug-ins scripts to the website. To be honest I was very irritated at first. An idea crossed my mind to give this website builder a miss and make an excuse to get saved from this whole process.

But on the second thought, I was a cricket fan and I wanted to enjoy the world cup to its fullest! I immediately downloaded and installed BlueVoda website builder, though very uninterestingly!  After the installation of BlueVoda website builder, a work area appeared to create website. All the accessories like inbox, sign up, and shopping carts etc. were given as Icons. The Drag & Drop function of BlueVoda website builder helped me to place them. BlueVoda website builder had Tutorials to guide me through. The Customer Care of BlueVoda website builder was there, to take me through the process. I chose a good looking web page background and it was placed on the work area. Gradually as the website started to evolve, suddenly my interest started increasing.

It was great! I used up all my passion for Cricket to create website. I uploaded all the details of the Cricket World Cup and invited everybody to watch it with us. In the end the whole process to create website was so exhilarating. And the whole process to create website was completed in just about an hour. My friends were so excited to see the website. BlueVoda website builder also helped us to get a web hosting account and Viola! The website was live on the net.

As soon as the website came online, we were flooded with response. The tickets we had designed were taken very quickly (Money was not important but we needed it to buy snacks and soft drinks for everyone). The first day was a grand success as we watched the opening ceremony and man, the atmosphere was filled enthusiasm and roaring energy but it wasn’t possible without my website. My friends said, if I had not gone with the idea to create website, we would not be witnessing such a response and it was so true! BlueVoda is truly magical website builder to create website. And what more, our team won! Cheers for BlueVoda website builder! Let’s go for the Glory.

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