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The secret of success in business is now well known. Successful businesses have their own web presence and websites. Your business should already be having a website of its own. If not, it is not too late to create a web site for your business. You can outsource the web design task to web designer firms, but it is going to cost you a lot. But you can create website by your own, by learning how to make your own website.

The cool tool that lets you creating a website is BlueVoda html editor. This html editor tool is completely free to use for both business and personal uses. Other html editor tools for creating a website, like Adobe Contribute, Microsoft Expression Web, etc. cost several hundreds of dollars in license fees. They also require advanced and specialized skills to work with them successfully when creating a website. But you can use BlueVoda html editor for creating a website, even when you do not know how to make a website. This is because BlueVoda html editor does not assume any special skills on your part, and as long as you know basic Windows and mouse movements, you should be doing fine when creating a website.

BlueVoda html editor is only a mere 5 MB in download file size. It also can run on common Windows home computers, and there are no special requirements regarding additional hardware (RAM, hard disk space, etc.).

BlueVoda html editor is from the web hosting company VodaHost, well-known in the web hosting industry for many years now. So you will find that BlueVoda html editor is very professional and powerful for such a small size and also the fact that it is still free for creating a website using this tool.

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Once installed, you can start creating a website within minutes using the html editor tool. Simply click on the toolbar buttons you want and place them on the web page you are building. Then BlueVoda html editor automatically generates all the code necessary for the web page to display properly in browsers. So you need not worry about this aspect when creating a website. The generated code is standards-compliant and will display properly in all the major internet browsers. It does not contain junk or unnecessary bloated code that is common in the other html editors that also produce automatic code when creating a website.

You can add any of the web page objects like Java applets, video files, podcasts, guestbooks, ad rotators, tables, forms, blogs, etc. simply by choosing the corresponding toolbar buttons in BlueVoda html editor. Then BlueVoda html editor generates the code necessary for that item to display in the web page (in HTML). There is not a need for you to change this automatic code when creating a website. But you can choose to see or tweak the automatic code. To do so, you need to right click on a HTML object and choose the custom HTML properties option.

Once you are done creating a website using BlueVoda html editor, simply transfer all the files to the VodaHost hosting company who will then be able to host the website for normal hosting charges as applicable.

There are free video tutorials available in BlueVoda website which you can watch to learn the process involved in creating a website. If you need any further help or have support queries, then you can use the free BlueVoda html editor support forums to post your question or support request. Then other people using BlueVoda html editor for creating a website, and VodaHost employees can be able to answer your questions.

You can also see a gallery of websites that have been created using BlueVoda html editor, in the BlueVoda forums. There are also many people frequenting the BlueVoda forums, and there are many hundreds of customer testimonials behind BlueVoda html editor, which all point to show how successful and powerful this free tool actually is.

Once you have achieved some proficiency in the task of creating a website using BlueVoda html editor, you can then provide your “creating a website” services for hire, like in freelancing. That way, you can be able to get some additional money for designing websites for other people.

There are also free website templates available for download at the BlueVoda html editor website. You can customize them as you want, and use them in your own design projects. You can use them directly as-is also, it is your choice. There is no need to pay anything additional and no royalty payments are needed.

You can use Paypal payment buttons available in BlueVoda html editor to set up payment options for your website visitors. They can pay you through PayPal and get your products or services. BlueVoda html editor makes this proposition and implementation very easy for you because you only need to drag and drop the PayPal buttons from the toolbar on to the web page when you are creating a website using the BlueVoda html editor.

You can create offer pages, sales pages, etc. with your own custom graphic designs incorporated, quickly and easily using the BlueVoda html editor. It is equally easy to add Clickbank code, email newsletter code, etc. to furnish your internet marketing efforts by using the free BlueVoda html editor for creating a website.

In short, this free BlueVoda html editor is very easy to use, user-friendly and powerful also, while being free for use. Even people with no prior knowledge about creating a website, have found how to create productive and fruitful websites design, using BlueVoda html editor within a few hours of starting to use this free html editor software.

The free BlueVoda html editor is a must-try, since it offers you the possibility of saving lots of dollars that would be otherwise spent on web designing and creating a website. You can download BlueVoda html editor from to get started with creating a website using this tool.

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