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If your business does not have place for itself on the Internet, then it is high time you create a web site for your business. It can be very important, that a website is in place for your business to be represented on the web. You can also use the website for selling your products or services.

To create a web site, you will need to use a web page design software or html editor tool. It is easy to learn how to make your own website, if you cannot already create website on your own.

If you don’t want to learn how to make a website on your own, then you will end up spending several hundreds or thousands of dollars in hiring a web design firm. You can use web page design software tools like BlueVoda html editor to learn how to use html editor software to build websites of your own.

There are other html editor tools also available in the market. These are from companies like Microsoft and Adobe, their web page design software tools/html editor tools are named Expression Web and Dreamweaver, respectively. But these cost several hundreds of dollars each for licensing fees. They are also fully bloated and demand exacting system requirements to operate from.

BlueVoda html editor from VodaHost is lean and mean web page design software that is also very powerful. All the features found in the other html editor tools are available with the BlueVoda html editor. BlueVoda html editor has been around for many years now, and is built by web design professionals who understand what it takes for a good web page design software tool. And to top it all, BlueVoda html editor is completely free to use web page design software, both for personal and commercial uses.

Downloading and installing BlueVoda html editor is very easy, as it is only 5 MB in download size. It runs in common home computers and there is no need for additional memory or hard disk space either. It is easy to use this free web page design software tool.

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Simply point and click the toolbar buttons you want corresponding to the objects on the web page you are building, and drag and drop the buttons on the web page. BlueVoda html editor then automatically builds the web page code necessary to display the website in the major browsers that people use. The code generated by BlueVoda html editor is standards-compliant with W3C standards and it is also optimized. None of it will be the bloated and unnecessary junk code you will often find when using other html editor tools.

When you use the BlueVoda html editor/web page design software, you can choose to use guestbooks, ad banners, tables, forms, ad rotators, blogs, flash files, video clips, etc. simply by using the toolbar buttons. In this way BlueVoda html editor is very powerful web page design software that does all the grunt work automatically and you don’t need to touch any line of code. If you do need to change any automatic code you can right click on any object and then choose the HTML properties… option to be able to edit or tweak the code.

There are some free video tutorials available to help you get started with BlueVoda html editor. They cover the most common tasks of web design and how to get them done using BlueVoda web page design software.

If you need any further help using the BlueVoda html editor then you can post your queries and support requests to the free BlueVoda html editor support forum, where other people who are also using BlueVoda html editor as their web page design software of choice, are able to answer your queries.

BlueVoda html editor has been designed by VodaHost with several years if industry experience. So you will find that this power-packed web page design software has all the features found in all the html editor tools currently available.

Once you complete your web site pages using this free web page design software, then you can simply transfer the files to VodaHost, who will then host the website for nominal hosting charges as applicable normally.

By using BlueVoda html editor cum web page design software, you can start earning extra income by doing web page design and web site building works as a part time job or as a hobby. This can put extra cash into your wallet.

If you don’t have the time to learn how to use this web page design software to build your own website, then there are free website templates available for download at the BlueVoda html editor website. You can download and customize these templates as you see fit. You can use them in your projects also, without needing to pay anything to anyone.

If you can write ebooks on hot subjects, like work from home niche, then you can write the sales pages and create web pages designed using BlueVoda html editor. You can put in PayPal payment buttons to allow website visitors to pay you to get your products and services. You can also set up mailing lists, newsletters, Clickbank, auto-responders, etc. quite easily by copy pasting their codes into the web page code generated by BlueVoda html editor.

By using BlueVoda html editor as your web page design software, you can save lots of money, running to thousands of dollars, if you create many websites. If you hire another web design firm, then you will be paying through your nose for getting the website designs done. You can choose to do it yourself, and you can have fun in the learning process.

That said, BlueVoda html editor does not have any learning curve at all. Even newbies to the use of web page design software, are able to get up to productive speed levels, within a few hours of starting to use BlueVoda html editor. So hop on over to, download the BlueVoda html editor tool and create your websites!

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