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I met Jenifer around two months ago. She is 23 years old; an energetic and self motivated girl. Her mother was a potter and over the years she herself had learned a lot about the ins and outs of fashioning pottery. Jenifer had completed her primary and secondary levels of education and now she had gained admittance to a higher-education course in three dimensional art work; through her mother she had some basic and practical knowledge about this from her very childhood. She decided that she would help fund her education by selling the pottery she was making on the side. She had little time to spend on this though as she was heavily engaged otherwise with her training.

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Jenifer is a mature and educated girl and she was well aware that the internet is the biggest marketplace in the world (albeit a virtual one). She decided to open a small pottery business on the internet but in doing so she was aware she would need to create website. Unfortunately another truth of her story is that she knew next to nothing about how to make a website and more and more, to create website seemed impossible. She found that it was very costly to create website using website builder firms and she hadn’t sufficient money to even think about using such website builder companies to create website. She came to know that there is website builder software available for download on the internet and she made her decision and began searching for such website builder software. Most of these required a basic understanding about how to make a website using a website builder and via editing html (which was completely foreign to Jenifer). For this reason, Jenifer continued her search for a simple and easy website builder and she stumbled upon the easiest website builder software on Internet. The BlueVoda website builder is a kind of WYSIWYG website builder (let’s you see the website you are creating as you go). You have free reign to do what you want if you use BlueVoda to create website and she was happy to find that she really didn’t need to know about how to make a website using this software. Jenifer downloaded the BlueVoda software and watched the video tutorials which show you how to make a website using this website builder, from blank workspace to finished website. It was all very easy. After watching the videos, her ideas had developed about how to make a website with BlueVoda. She started to create website and after just a few days had managed to create a home page for her website with some very cool pictures of the products she made. She was able to integrate a payment system and other essential modules within just 10 days. This was really excellent because any professional would take at least a month time to create website like this. BlueVoda has made it easy to create website within a short time and besides, the video tutorials are so clear that surely anybody can create website after watching them.

Now, Jenifer knows exactly how to make a website thanks to using BlueVoda and she also been able to create website for the promotional purpose of her business. She said that BlueVoda teaches the user clear concepts about how to make a website. No matter what you do or do not know, it will build the basic knowledge about how to make a website and if you want to improve your knowledge about how to make a website, you can watch the video tutorials over and practice the instructions regularly. Ultimately, for Jennifer, it was absolutely the best way to discover how to make a website.

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