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I couldn’t afford to have a professional design my web pages for me, and not only that but I wanted to do the web page design myself. I had a little knowledge from my previous web page design experience, and felt I could do it! I called an old friend from my college days to see if he could help me out with any recommendations – after of course kindly offering his own services (which he charges the earth for), and which of course I declined! He kindly recommended VodaHost and the BlueVoda site builder tools to help me build a website! He said, “BlueVoda offer the best site builder tools……The tools will provide you with everything you need to design web pages to a very high spec…..and build a website that is just perfect for your type of….well any type of business!”

I am so pleased he recommended BlueVoda site builder tools, they are a marvel and I have to say in my opinion absolutely brilliant! There are so many applications you can use on the site builder to help you build a website that is extremely cutting edge. BlueVoda site builder tools will, without doubt, help you to build a website and design web pages that will make your website look fantastic, which of course will leave a good impression on all of your site visitors!

BlueVoda tutorials were brilliant, they gave me advice from the first steps of how to name my web pages, how to set page properties for vital steps such as backgrounds, fonts, and metatags, right through to the final steps of publishing my website!

I especially found the information on subjects like adding images to create a perfect web page design, and the Lightbox application which explains how to show off you’re images to perfection , in turn assisting you to build a website that is truly glorious!

Hyper linking is covered in great detail which is a real bonus if you are an in-experienced website builder! For me, the form maker was a very vital part of my web page design because I need a lot of customer input. I found the form wizard to be very simple and easy to use, as well as being very fast – once again BlueVoda site builder tools came up trumps in my opinion. By now a very good effort in web page designs! I was astounded in my growing knowledge (which was all down to BlueVoda site builder tools), and really excited by the results of my web page design – it was simply wonderful.

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I was growing more and more confident by now, and had started to build a website that was starting to look professional, fantastic, and very cutting edge. Every day I was so excited to start my new web page design! I started to design web pages that had inline frames, shapes – a new perfectly designed (even if I do say so myself) logo; the logo maker is a brilliant part of the BlueVoda site builder tools. I was so elated that my web page design skills were getting so good, and my confidence in knowing and for once understanding all of the web page design terms and jargon was soaring!

I called my college friend back (the professional web page design bloke), and told him how truly satisfied with BlueVoda site builder tools I was, and how I could not believe how easy it had been to build a website that looked so professional and cutting edge with perfect web page design. He said, “I know….brilliant isn’t it?” He also said, “I use BlueVoda site builder tools….I find BlueVoda tools easy to use……really good…..I’m glad you found it easy to build a website….but then I knew you would design web pages that were really cutting edge with BlueVoda site builder!” I couldn’t believe he used the BlueVoda site builder in his own business, and told him so. Quite honestly, I thought BlueVoda was just for beginners wishing to design web pages and build a website, and I had no idea that professionals used the site builder! He said, “Yeah we use BlueVoda site builder tools quite a lot in our web page design…..actually a lot of professionals use BlueVoda…’s a really good site builder, easy to use and cutting edge!” I most certainly agreed with him, and thanked him profusely before I hung up on the call. After all, by pointing me in the direction of BlueVoda, he had saved me a lot of time and money!

I published my site and I have to say, I felt a real sense of satisfaction, I didn’t think I was going to be able to build a website of such brilliant quality – my web page design was brilliant! My website looked fabulous, and I had no doubt that it would leave a good impression on all my website visitors. I had saved huge amounts of money on web page design by doing the work myself, and what’s more it was really easy! I owe it all to VodaHost and the BlueVoda site builder tools, which enabled me to build a website of distinction – BlueVoda is really, really, brilliant!

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