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Software companies have always been striving hard to develop tools that would narrow the gap between the skill levels required by professionals and beginners to build a website with equal ease. It is fairly straightforward to create a site builder application that can only be handled by top notch professionals to design web pages, but on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to design an application that is intuitive enough for the beginner to get started easily as well as feature-rich to keep the professional interested in it. BlueVoda, is a site builder that has been designed specifically with this aim in mind and is extremely easy for the beginner to design web pages with and is filled with exciting features for the professional as well.
RAD or ‘rapid application development’ is a concept that has really caught the fancy of many web page design professionals. Gone are the days when web developers had to manually code everything from the web user interface to the backend functionality of the website. Web designers are looking for applications that would enable them to considerably shorten the development life cycle to build a website. Shorter deadlines and quick turnaround times are the norms of the day. BlueVoda is the site builder of choice to design web pages that look extremely professional and to build a website within the shortest possible time with minimum effort. Web page design can never get simpler than this.
People can start to design web pages from day one with BlueVoda. Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP or any other web related language is absolutely not required to build a website with BlueVoda. The site builder takes on the burden of developing the code in the background while letting people design web pages, which in fact is what every web page design application should strive for. This enables the beginner to start web page design from the very first day as well as makes the experienced web page design professional achieve more within a shorter period of time than with any other site builder package. It takes less time and less effort to build a website that looks more professional and attractive with BlueVoda.
There are a number of very intuitive wizard-like utilities to implement every single feature of the BlueVoda site builder. For instance, to enter text a user just has to click the ‘text icon’ in the tool bar and a small area opens up on the page where they can type the text. Since all the formatting menus resemble an MS Word application, users can easily adjust the font size, set the bold, underline, italics and other attributes the way they would when typing an MS Word document. Users can also reposition the text anywhere within the page. The code for the entire operation is taken care of by the BlueVoda site builder, making it extremely simple for the designer to design web pages without having to worry about syntax and unwieldy code.
Using every feature of the site builder is as simple as clicking the appropriate icon on the toolbar and setting the attributes for the various parameters available for the tool. To set the background color for the page or to use an image as a background, the page properties window can be used. The page size, the scroll bar specifications and the font face for the whole page can be set here. The META tags like keywords, description and author details can be furnished too. Snazzy page transition effects can also be chosen here to design web pages that look flashy. All these features can be incorporated in the web page design just by entering a few parameters, without ever having to write a single line of code to build a website.

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Adding images to the site is just as easy, because by clicking the image icon in the toolbar, users can select the appropriate image from any folder on their hard drive and embed it on the web page to build a website that looks really rich and colorful. The image can also be made into a hyperlink by entering the URL that visitors would be redirected to when clicking on the image. Displaying a series of images as in an album or product catalog is a breeze with the LightBox tool. Users can select a series of images that need to be displayed as thumbnails within the webpage using the LightBox tool. When visitors click on each thumbnail, the corresponding image is shown enlarged in a new window.
It is also very simple to implement e-commerce functionality into the web page design by using the site builder to build a website. Using PayPal as the payment processing gateway, it is extremely simple to incorporate shopping carts for single as well as multiple item purchases on the webpage. The ease of use of this tool would surprise the beginner with its simplicity as well as leave the professional spellbound with its features. While it would normally take a web page design professional with good programming skills a couple of hours to build a website with e-commerce features, it would take just a few minutes to achieve the same functionality if not more by using BlueVoda even for a total beginner.
Moreover it is extremely easy to integrate third-party programs like Flash and others into the webpage. It is also possible to integrate other full-fledged utilities like WordPress Blogs and phpBB Community Forums and make them co-exist with one’s own website using BlueVoda. This makes the BlueVoda web page design platform extremely flexible and scalable to accommodate ones requirements as and when the needs grow. It also makes it possible for people to integrate their existing infrastructure with BlueVoda rather than throwing them away and developing everything from scratch. This makes it easy to design web pages with all the tools already at ones disposal.
To top it all, the BlueVoda website has a comprehensive set of video tutorials that covers every single feature of the site builder software. Folks who wish to build a website within minutes can watch these web page design tutorials before they begin to design web pages. The tutorials are short and to the point making it very easy to understand every concept that is explained. It is a wonder that the BlueVoda site builder which comes free of cost has so many power-packed features for the beginner and professional alike. It is truly a pleasure to design web pages with BlueVoda and can never be fully appreciated until people try it for themselves.

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