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BlueVoda website builder is amazing because it has helped me create website not just once, but many times, since I discovered this website builder 2 years ago. Yes! This amazing website builder has helped me create website that I can be proud of for the rest of my life, especially since I have no experience in website design and development.

You see, I’m a certified public accountant, but it is not what I do as of today as I quit my profession the same day I created my first website and started my online business. I clearly remembered as if it were yesterday, I was browsing to find software that would allow me create website then I came across BlueVoda. Of course, I’m not the type that is easily swayed by glowing reviews and testimonies especially when it is too good to be true, so I ignored BlueVoda website builder and tried out other website builder to create website without assistance. Unfortunately, my first foray to create website failed miserably as the other software did not live to their promises so I decided to try BlueVoda website builder just to check out their software.

I downloaded BlueVoda then started using the website builder to create website. In the first few minutes, I had not encountered any difficulty, so I kept on working on my first website with the help of the video tutorials. Yup! BlueVoda website builder has video tutorials wherein they teach the step by step to create website, probably why I find BlueVoda a lot easier to use than the other software I have tried. Furthermore, whenever I hit a wall, meaning to say when I encountered problems I just emailed their support team, as the excellent communication skills and fast response of their people was a pleasant surprised. Well, I was used to arrogant customer representatives and slow action so when BlueVoda answered my emails right away, I was surprised and amazed, not just with their promptness but by their efficient responses.

As I have said early on, I have no prior experience to website development and definitely have no idea about html web design as I was just into numbers. Nevertheless, I was able to create website in less than 3 hours as the drag and drop features of the software did not just make things simpler for newbies but also fun as I felt like I was just playing.

Additionally, the pre-designed templates allowed the creation of unlimited web pages, and the image library containing hundreds of webpage backgrounds, website headers, logos and template helped me finish the website quickly. Take note, the logos in the image library are free to download, so you can let  your imagination run free, like what I did and basically have a nice time experimenting with different templates and headers until I had found the most suitable for my website.

My first website was very simple yet beautiful, but the following websites I created were even more professional looking. Keep in mind that with BlueVoda website builder, I was able to create website from the simplest homepage to a more complicated website with just the click of a mouse. I think, the simplicity of the website builder allows even a 12-year-old kid to create website without any problems as you just drag and drop what you need. In case you are wondering about the safety of downloading BlueVoda website builder, I can attest that the software is free of adware and spyware, unlike other website builders I have tried before. Moreover, VodaHost their hosting partner has fantastic packages, so after I finished building my website I just signed up to publish my website.

Bear in mind, the hosting prices, and features are good, even better than most competitors are so much that I even saved money since there are no sneaky charges, everything straightforward just like BlueVoda website builder, which is why I highly recommend this software to create website. In fact, because of the awesomeness of the website builder and great hosting, I now create website for a small fee.

BlueVoda website builder allows anyone to create website and source of income as the simplicity and hassle free of their software can really inspire someone to create website for a living. There is no doubt that this software is a must try for people who have no html idea, but wants to create website without hiring a professional that charges an arms and legs. Overall, recommended for use and worth trying out.

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