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Doing business is unfortunately not at all like child’s play, especially when there is so much competition out there. The Internet is a great platform to buy and sell stuff. However, with the growing number of websites, it becomes difficult to build website and earn profits. Sometimes, the break even comes so late that even the cost of website development is not realized fully. Moreover, you cannot keep a website as it is for long; you need to tweak it a little every now and then to make it more inviting. To give an example, if I would have asked a web designer to build website, he would have charged me a few hundred dollars. Likewise, website programmer would have cost me a few thousand dollars. Now, this cost is recurring once I decide to customize my website from time to time. So, tweaking my website 4 times would cost me a few hundred dollars more. Also, if the same designer and developer do not want to work on my website, again I would have to search for new people. It is wastage of time and money.

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Hence, I decided to use a website builder or website maker to build website. Using a website builder or website maker to build website was a little difficult initially for two reasons- I did not know HTML, and the ads would bug me. I wanted a website builder or website maker that could build website without bombarding me with complex geeky lingo and useless ads. Luckily, I found BlueVoda website builder. This website maker won my trust with its simple-to-use functions, step-by-step instructions, and next-generation features. What makes the BlueVoda website builder a better website? Technology need not be complex. BlueVoda website maker does everything that an advanced website building application should do, but without any hassles. I never had to bore myself with HTML coding, C language or any other web development terms while working with the BlueVoda website builder. This website maker has such simple to use functions to build website that even an amateur teenager can build website in under 3 hours.

Let me tell you some of the amazing, yet simple features of this website builder. Have you heard of pre-designed web templates to build website? For starters, BlueVoda website maker offers hundreds of these templates. With the BlueVoda website builder, I did not have to limit my website to a few pages. I could build website with unlimited web pages using this website maker. I added Flash themes, Pop-Ups, automated newsletter, and various other parameters to my website using BlueVoda website builder.  This website maker helped build website with rich features in less time. Once I created a website, I published it online using the one-click publishing button available in BlueVoda website builder.  Since my first attempt, I have changed my website in one way or another, many times, and guess what; I did not have to pay every time I would change my website’s appearance or functionality.

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