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As of November 2009, there were over 20,340,000,000 web pages and 70,392,567 websites! This is proof to the fact that the World Wide Web has become an indispensable part of our lives. Sitting on my desk one day, I kept wondering about the power of information. I realized that for every decision that I make, the Internet is involved in some way. Right from searching for information, booking air tickets, paying bills, buying clothes and other stuff, to even finding a life partner, the Internet does it all. Keep the Internet off for a minute and the whole world would be crying in shock. Let’s face it- we cannot live without the digital world of the World Wide Web. Thinking about all these things, I decided to build my own website, and start my own business. Being a newspaper columnist, I had a flair for writing. Therefore, I decided to build website and make people aware of life coaching.

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However, there was a hitch. I did not know how to build website. So I hit the Internet and searched for tools that could help me build website. The results helped me understand the concept of website builder or website maker to build website. I wanted to know two things. One, how does a website builder or website maker do the job of building a website. And two, does a website builder or website maker help build website that can be customized as per the requirements of the individual. Sure, I came across advertisements of a number of website builder or website maker to build website. However, when I read about their capabilities, I just did not find them useful. Moreover, most of the automated tools to build website were not 100% ad-free. After all, who would like ads popping up while trying to build website using a website builder or website maker?

After trying my luck with one or two kinds of program, I learned about the BlueVoda website builder. This website builder was 100% spyware free. This came as a relief to me. I did not have to learn HTML to build website using the BlueVoda website maker. A unique feature of this website builder was that it let me build website in very little time. I am not talking about days; I am talking about a few hours here! The drag and drop feature of BlueVoda website maker helped me accelerate the process of developing my website. I could add a number of advanced features to my website using this website maker. Another great feature of BlueVoda is that it has pre-designed web templates. With this website maker, I could create unlimited web pages in no time. The one-click publishing button of BlueVoda website builder helps get your website completed and launch it on the Internet in real time.

There is no shortage of website builder on the Internet. However, once you work on BlueVoda, you will come to know why it is the simplest of all. I am a good web designer now, thanks to BlueVoda website maker.

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