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I am a copywriter and wanted to expand my business and create a website, where I can directly deal with clients. However, I had no technical knowledge on how to create a website. I thought it was all too technical and complicated, and simply beyond me. My website didn’t have to be fancy. All I wanted was a page where I introduce myself, list my portfolio, and a contact page through which my clients can get in touch with me.

In fact, I was so weary of the technicalities that I didn’t even want to try. I contacted a few freelance designers, but unfortunately I could not afford the handsome fees they demanded to create a website. Also, most of the designers wanted 15 to 20 days of time to create a website, which again I wasn’t comfortable with.

A friend of mine suggested that I try searching online for a website builder. Most of the website makers I searched on the net were either too pricey or were way too technical. For a lay person like me, it simply was too much. While searching for an online website builder, I came across BlueVoda. Honestly, I thought there might be a catch somewhere. I mean, who offers the website builder for Free? Fortunately, there was none! I had to use their web hosting services, but that again was economical.

I needed a website builder that was simple and easy. BlueVoda promised to create a website and have it online within 30 minutes. I took a little more time than that, because I wanted to see a few videos from their library before I started with the website builder and the process to create a website.

The videos have a sea of information and many quick tips on how to create a website and give it a professional look. That’s where I found BlueVoda website maker had an edge over other website builders. All I did was ‘drag’ and ‘drop’ and my website was almost done!

Best of all, BlueVoda website builder has good number of pre-designed templates that can be used to create a website instantly. I was actually astonished for to see so many templates to select from! Again, BlueVoda website builder gives a plethora of options for colors, fonts and editing images. This works perfectly fine for a person like me, who gets jitters at the very name of HTML codes to create a website. BlueVoda website builder does every little thing for you. In fact, I now have my very own professional looking website; when I did not know a thing about how to create a website! I dragged a few images, wrote the content myself as it is my forte, and the website builder took over from there. It created all the necessary HTML codes, the JavaScript and the rest of the technicalities…

Another great feature of this website builder that I absolutely love is that additional pages can be created easily. Also, the software cross links the pages before it goes online. The experience to create a website had been such a pleasure that I almost forgot that I am creating a website for the very first time!

I had always wanted to have a personal logo on my website. I just uploaded the image file; it was ready to be placed on the website. This website builder also takes care of all the security measures while it was finalizing the website. Given the number of online frauds that happen every day, I was quite anxious about the security feature. But everything was well taken care of by this website builder. Thus, I am fully assured that both my clients and I are completely safe when we deal with each other.

BlueVoda website builder has made my experience to create a website a fun thing to do. With its fantastic, safe and secure access to ftp with my login and password, I am sure that I have created a website that’s safe!

Just within a few moments of my logging in, everything gets uploaded smoothly. I never thought that it would be so easy to create a website! I am extremely, extremely thrilled to have used BlueVoda to create a website that is great.

In the past year in a half that I have been using their service, I expanded my business beyond copy-writing to creating websites for my clients. I can proudly say that BlueVoda has been instrumental to my success and in boosting my career. I am also earning money as a BlueVoda affiliate, I just speak the truth of the best website builder and I earn money. How simple it that!

I am glad to be associated with BlueVoda website builder. BlueVoda is highly recommended for anyone who wants to create a website that looks professional.

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