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I am an academician cum writer and I have written more than five short story books, three fictions, and several academic and well-researched articles in my life. But, I did not get any global exposure for my writing and creativity. Six months back, one of my friends suggested to me to create website and try to engage my readers through this online portal. He told me, that I can upload my books as e-book format and I can include my papers on my online website. Apart from that, I can easily include my updated schedule and book launching events on this site and promote my books globally. It sounded great and I started searching similar sites on internet. I found hundreds of similar sites, which are maintained, by several authors and academicians and they use their own website for promoting their books, and they interact with their readers through their site.

So, I decided to launch my own website and I inquired with some website builders about the cost to create website from scratch. They told me several processes to create website such as Word Press, Joomla, and many more, which I did not understand, and then they told me about hosting, domain, maintenance of the site, search engine optimization, online advertising, content writing, software development, coding, technical support, and lots more. As a novice person in this technical field, it is impossible to understand these technical and non-technical or IT terms used to create website. So, I asked those website builder about their pricing for all of these things, and they told me about their packages. These prices and packages were so high that I decided to try hands on to create website on my own. Not only the high price range offered by these website builders, but they also charge an annual maintenance fees along with some other hidden charges, which is not affordable for many people like me.

Then my colleagues suggested to me to download the BlueVoda website builder and told me that it is the only free website builder, which can create website at free of cost, and people use BlueVoda website builder for creating their e-commerce websites also. Then I went through the tutorial video uploaded on the BlueVoda site and I learned so many things about how to use website builder to create website. Now, to create website is a very simple task, and I created three websites in last six months and all of them are made with BlueVoda website builder.

Six months ago, I created my own personal blog with BlueVoda website builder and I included some content on my site. It is amazing and I confidently create website, my own website with some colorful background, headers, and logos. BlueVoda website builder provides all and now people do not need to use any illustration software for creating their website designs. For example, if you create website with some unique illustration and graphic designs then you have to pay a huge amount to the designer and they will take a few months to create some unique designs for your website. Apart from that, they will even take a few weeks for creating a logo for your website, and you have to wait for a long time. Now, you can easily create website without taking any assistance from these designers, you can access hundreds of pre-designed logos, background illustrations, templates, and website headers by BlueVoda website builder and all of these are free.

After I created my first personal blog, I further also create website and you will be surprised to know I created two more websites also with this website builder. One for my book promotion and selling and another one are for publishing my academic papers. Now, I can interact with my readers through my blog and they can easily access my books from my online bookstore. I have included my social media channels in these websites, and with the BlueVoda website builder, I have already created several forms for my customers and readers. They can easily fill up these forms and place their order on my online bookstore. Now, I do not need to pay any cut-off percentage to the booksellers and publishers, and I can sell my own books from my online bookstore. Just one month ago, I again tried to create website and have created a website for publishing my academic research papers and I have created some space for other academicians to upload their own papers on my website. This website has become very popular now and thousands of students and academicians access my website every day.

Thanks to BlueVoda website builder for such a support and I connected with the BlueVoda website builder customer care team for some issues in last month, and they instantly resolved the problems. Hence, it is easy to create website with BlueVoda. Moreover, anyone can create website using this builder.


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