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Having a website is a necessity in today’s business world. Big or small, it is imperative that we business owners know the importance of having to create a website to showcase our service or products. However, building a website is a tedious task that would take a lot of your precious time. Hiring a website builder on the other hand can be expensive especially to small business owners. The question is – How can you create a website the easiest and most inexpensive way?

I am a small business owner and I had this dilemma when I started three years ago. I was short of funds but I do know that in order for my products to get attention, I needed to create a website to feature them and eventually lessen my overhead cost through online ordering. I consulted with a website builder recommended by a friend and although he is a professional in the field, I found it too expensive. The next thing I did was to ask around on how I could create a website. I asked friends, other business owners and even IT students as to how I can create a website for my business without shelling out hard earned money and without the technical know-how. Most of them referred their website builder friends but the students and small business owners I am friends with suggested that I create a website myself. According to them, there are websites that offer website builder functions and I can create a website by myself in just a few hours even if I don’t have the technical experience.

So, the next best thing to do is to do a research on how to create a website on my own. This is one of my strong points. I am a little OC when it comes to research. I like learning and knowing everything about a certain topic or procedure before I do it. What I did first was to do a search on forum and review sites on how to create a website. These are the best sites to check out since their members are often active and when you ask a question, you are most likely get an answer by the end of the day. I researched and researched everything about website builder and how to create a website until I found the best and most suggested website builder. The name BlueVoda came up as the most recommended site so I browse and learn what they have to offer. After spending about an hour on BlueVoda’s website, I learned that I can do my own website with their website builder software in just 30 minutes. All I did was to enter my first name and email address and the download link and setup instructions were emailed to me at once. The best thing about it; It’s totally free.

Aside from the website builder software being free, I can create a website without having a technical knowledge on the process in website building. No need to learn about HTML and other technical jargon. All I did was to drag and drop (which I am an expert of) and choose from the hundreds of templates, logos, backgrounds and headers available to match my business design. The BlueVoda website builder also offers great customer service. Once I got stumped on a process, I contacted them and in just a few minutes, I got the answer to my problem and I even got some added tips from them.

After choosing the perfect template for my business, I tinkered the website builder for a few more minutes and when I was sure I have the right look, I immediately chose the publish option and there it was. I was able to create a website on my own using free website builder software. Looking at my website the first time was just amazing. I work so hard for my business and having a website to promote my products online, I was sure that business will prosper more.

If I knew beforehand that it is easy to create a website on my own using a free website builder, I would have done it sooner than I did. Business is doing well and finding out about BlueVoda’s free website builder software is the best thing that ever happened to my prospering business. Now, I still use this amazing website builder software to update my products and do some changes when the need arises.

I can say that it is easy to create a website with BlueVoda website builder. To create a website means more exposure and more clients. You will never regret it and that is a promise.

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