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My friend recommended BlueVoda website builder at a time when I was trying to make both ends meet. Today, I am making enough money for my studies and family by creating 3-4 websites in a week, using an amazing tool. BlueVoda website builder is a great tool for people who want to create website and make money without leaving the comfort of their home.

It is a fact that working and studying at the same time is not easy, so when I discovered a website builder that let me create website, my life was never the same again. Before I started to create website for friends and relatives, and other people who have seen my work, I made money from crocheting booties, pouches, wallets, etc. It is not easy making these things, but I had to do it to pay for books and even tuition fees. Unfortunately, large orders are seldom, which is why money was always a problem. My constant money problem had forced me to become creative thus; the idea of a website was born. The problem, there was no money to hire a website developer as I have no available money. Thanks to a dear friend, who suggested I create website using a free tool, I finally learned about BlueVoda website builder.

The website builder which is free to download has helped create a new website for my business and at the same time provide me with a new source of income. That’s why, I feel very lucky not only because I got to create website that helped me get more orders but also since I can easily make money.

By the way, I did a little research about this website builder before doing anything like downloading the software. The overwhelming positive feedback had won me over, completely, so right after confirming that this tool is real, I immediately downloaded the software. Take note, downloading this website builder is very easy, I just provided my email, and then they sent me the website builder software. The ease of downloading and running the website builder further proves that this is the real deal.

I love this website builder for many reasons, one of them is the fact that I can create website anytime I want and as many as I can. Yes, the website builder allows people to create website without restriction, there is no limit why is why, I was able to make money from using this website builder. Additionally, people who want a website with more than one web page will find the pre-designed templates, sufficient to create website with several web pages.

Actually, people who want a unique website will love using this free tool as they get to create website as many as they can, with unique features or a website that truly stands out. It is possible to create website that looks different despite the fact that this is a free tool, mainly because the website builder has an image gallery, wherein people can download hundreds of logos, website headers, webpage backgrounds, and templates for free. You read it right! Download all kinds of website headers, as you want from the image gallery, without paying for it, making this website perfect for me, as I love getting freebies.

Anyway, I also liked using this amazing tool because it comes with dozens of video tutorials, I admit, the videos have really helped me create website. In fact, I truly believe that the video tutorials have simplified life for people who have no prior experience and knowledge in html like me. Yes, I have no knowledge in making a website, I’m proud to admit it, because even though it is my first time to create website, my new site is very beautiful.

I’m proud because despite the fact that it is my first time to use this website builder, I got to create website with pleasant aesthetics, great features and very functional. My site looks like a professional created it, that even my friends could not believe that I was able to make something beautiful and useful without professional help. And most importantly, I’m making money from making website, a task that I truly enjoyed doing. Yup! Every time I created website, there is so much joy especially when I see the site live. Take note, VodaHost, provides hosting for BlueVoda website builder, so you only need to sign up for a hosting account to get your site live in seconds.

The instant publishing of the website is also another reason why, I would keep on using this website builder to create website for personal and business use.

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